April 13, 2024

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Top 5 Merits of Using Videos as Part of Your Direct Marketing Strategy

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Consumers tend to appreciate videos more resulting in better response for calls to action. Here is why you need video in your direct marketing campaign.

90% of users say product videos are helpful in the decision-making process, so why would you not use them as a tool in your direct marketing campaign?

Videos have become one of the biggest direct marketing tools because they work statistically. Many direct marketing firms are transitioning to this new wave because it is what the users want to see.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns allow you to promote your product or service directly to your target market.

These benefits include taking the segmentation and targeting with personalized messages, optimizing your marketing budget, increasing sales with current and former clients, upgrading loyalty strategies, creating new business opportunities, and testing and analyzing results. Using direct marketing tools for your campaign will allow you to reap the advantages of direct marketing.

Examples of direct marketing include text messages, emails, phone calls, direct mail, online ads, flyers, kiosks, and videos.

Adopting Videos in Your Direct Marketing Campaign

81% of businesses use videos as one of their direct marketing tools. To better understand why videos are now one of the major advantages of direct marketing, here are 5 pros of adding videos into your direct marketing campaign.

  1. Videos Allow More Conversions

People pay more attention to videos because they build a sense of trust. Prospects often turn into customers when product videos are presented.

Being able to visually see a product in a video is important when customers are unable to physically examine a product themselves. Videos can provide a more realistic feel than images do.

  1. Google Places Videos as High Preference

Knowing the statistics of how important videos are is what makes Google suggest them on the search results page.

Putting your videos on YouTube and optimizing them for SEO in your title and description will help them get to the top of the search page. In your direct marketing campaign, putting your YouTube video on your website can benefit you if Google decides to put your video on the search results page.

  1. Video Builds Credibility

When working in direct marketing advertising, building brands is important. Video marketing is an effective way to build brand credibility and develop trust.

Trusting a brand is not always an easy thing because of all of the scams out there. Videos can be used in your direct marketing campaign to ensure that the audience has a clear understanding of your brand. Videos about the company, work culture, vision, etc. will help customers trust that your product is legit.

  1. Video Builds Brand Awareness

By educating customers about your products, brand, and offers, you are building brand awareness. Video is the simplest way to catch prospects’ attention and have them understand the brand.

The growth of video marketing can simply build brand awareness in a direct marketing campaign.

  1. Video Is Cost-Effective

Video is one of the most cost-effective direct marketing tools that direct marketing firms can use. Direct marketing campaigns that are affordable and effective are the best bet.

Filming a basic video on a smartphone will allow you to reap the benefits at an affordable price. Sharing your video on your website, YouTube and other video sharing sites is free.

Make a Video Now!

Now that you understand how videos can benefit your direct marketing campaign, you can start making your product video today! Just grab a video camera or even a smartphone and watch your campaign skyrocket.

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