February 23, 2024

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Various aspects involved in car accident law

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Car accident law is the combination of personal injury law and traffic law. Anyone who gets injured in any auto accident can take help of personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit against the culprit. To know about the best personal injury lawyers, you can visit keithwilliamslawgroup.com. These lawyers also know how to negotiate with the culprit to provide you the amount for recovering the damages. If the lawsuit is filed by your lawyer on your behalf, the court will consider the police reports, medical reports, and all other evidences to decide who is responsible for the accident. Whosoever is responsible has to pay the compensation amount for the damages.


It is not always necessary that only one driver is responsible for the auto accident. It can be the fault of both the drivers who are involved in auto accident. For such cases, different states have different rules. Sometimes, in such case, all the parties involved in the auto accident have to pay the compensation amount partly. Which party has to pay what amount is decided by the court when the lawsuit is filed.

To determine who is actually responsible for the auto accident, lawyers also consider the type of vehicles that are involved in the accident. Suppose a bus and a bicycle is involved, then obviously one can easily determine that the fault will be of bus driver only. Bicyclist, motorcyclists and pedestrians are more vulnerable to road accidents. They have to be very careful while moving on road.

In case of any road accident in which truck is involved, it is quite difficult to determine who is responsible for the accident because truck drivers are mostly licensed and well trained as they are commercially employed. Trucks are mostly used for commercial purposes only. In such cases, if the fault is of the truck driver, the driver and the owner of the truck both will have to pay for compensation.