April 19, 2024

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The Magical World Of Toy Photography, Photography With Toys

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Toy Photography: How Mitchel Wu's Work Became a Viral Phenomena

Is there an age limit to play with toys? I guess not. Most of the packages indicate only the minimum recommended age to use them, but never the age limit, that limit is defined by each person with their criteria. And there is a point in life where we are “mature” enough to stop doing something that as children brought us hours and hours of fun: grab an action figure, a doll, a cart, and start creating and telling beautiful stories featuring an inanimate plastic object.

As a person grows, the taste for continuing to play disappears, and with it the creative ability to create stories, even a famous PIXAR film has implied that toys become ephemeral by no longer causing that spark in our imagination. On the other hand, there is the hobby of collecting, an activity where thousands of pesos are invested in the acquisition of figures, which make more than one relive those childhood memories, with the flavor of nostalgia. But what happens when two passions connect to create art? Collecting and photography.

Collecting And Photography

The toy photography is the result, two passions that together create a homogeneous mixture in the art. In simple terms, toy photography is photographing toys, not as product photography, but creating and recreating stories with one or more figures as models and protagonists, and from photography. ait involves seeking or creating an environment that contextualizes the number’s climate, arriving as a final result at an image, where the viewer can feel that this figure is a living element within the same model, without losing or leaving aside the artistic factor. You can click on this link to learn more about toy photography and other essential elements of photography and photo editing. https://skylum.com/blog/best-alternatives-to-picmonkey.