July 16, 2024

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MCO and Businesses: What to expect After Coronavirus is Over?

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The second phase of the MCO has already started, and companies are gradually reopening after the lockdowns. However, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and even if the virus disappears or a vaccine is made, workplaces aren’t going to be the same like before. 

Here are some changes that Malaysian companies can expect after the MCO and the coronavirus is over:

Work From Home is Going to Be a Big Deal

During the lockdown, many companies were forced to implement Work From Home (WFH), even if they hadn’t preferred it. Now, it is likely that some firms have actually experienced better work quality than before. As employees get to choose their workspace, they spend less time commuting and thus, be happier and more productive. With WFH also safer than office, many companies will continue it in the coming days.

Everyone is Going to be More Health Conscious

The government of Malaysia issued a Guide for Work Place after MCO to help keep workers safe during the pandemic. The guide includes workplaces implementing social distancing, following better hygiene, allowing telecommunication when possible, making soaps and sanitizers available, letting employees eat on their own desk etc. 

The above guidelines may only be for MCO, but we can see the behaviours will continue even after the pandemic. Workplaces, not only in Malaysia but around the world are going to be healthier places.

Office Schedules are Going to Be Different

Standard 9 to 5 office time could be on the verge of changing. You see, Work from home is one thing, but companies have started to reschedule their times in a way the office houses the minimum number of employees at a time. 

All this changes another thing- the peak hours for public transport may dissolve, as people will travelling to, and from the office during every hour of the day. This may also mean an increase in night shifts. Business travels will be minimized as well.

You can see the List of Business allowed after MCO to know if you can open your Malaysian company for now.