How to Dress for Success at your Next Tradeshow

It is unfortunate to see how people get it all wrong when it comes to dressing for tradeshows. Staff presentation is very important and this goes beyond putting on branded tees depicting products or services. When dressing for tradeshows, a number of factors should be taken into account, and here are a few tips you could use to enhance your wardrobe for tradeshow event success:

Aim for comfort and moderation

Though you don’t have to wear a full suit, your dressing should be slightly more upscale than the other attendees. You should have an outfits on that you are comfortable in, and keep you in-line to the theme of the tradeshow event. You can always get away with a more casual look, so long as it is executed in moderation.

Avoid new shoes

Tradeshow events may involve moving and standing a lot. You should not have new shoes on because they may be pinching you, and this may bring you a great deal of discomfort. In addition, you won’t be able to perform your best during the event.

Be careful with the jewelry

The ideal jewelry for a tradeshow event should not be loud and intrusive, but rather classic and understated. Most of the time, earrings will work well, but pierced eyebrows and nose rings may deter some attendees who might be conservative in nature.

Don’t neglect your hands and nails

When on a tradeshow booth, you may have to do a lot of explanations and demonstrations. Your sleeves should thus have ample room, and your nails should also look great. A manicure a day or two before the event is recommended and for ladies, pale or neutral nail colors will be just fine if you can’t stick to a clear coat of polish.

All in all, don’t forget the norms in your industry when it comes to dressing, and be sure you don’t pull off looks that may be considered offensive or inappropriate for the industry.

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