July 16, 2024

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Your go-to house clearance guide

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Whether you’re moving out or having a good sort-out at your home in Chorley – decluttering is never easy, and you’re going to need somewhere to put the rubbish produced from your clearance project. But relax, A1 Skips can help.    

4 steps to remove the stress that comes with decluttering:


  • Decide what items you’ll keep


Holding onto items, based purely on sentimental value, will quickly fill available storage space.

Take the time to sort your home, top to bottom, and separate items that you’ll keep from those that you can sell. Be generous and donate any old toys, furniture or clothes to your local charity before throwing them out and letting them go to waste.


  • Plan your project


The last thing you want to do is leave your project to the last minute – especially with Christmas just around the corner! Make sure you plan in advance and give yourself a deadline to work towards.

Establishing the scale of the project you’ve been tasked with will dictate how long it will take, what services you’ll need and the best way to get the job done quickly.


  • Think about the waste you need to dispose of


Segregating waste will give you a better idea of the disposal services you’ll need to book – be it skip hire Chorley or special waste disposal.

If you need to remove things like cardboard, broken furniture or old toys, hiring a skip is ideal and A1 can offer an accurate quote for skip hire in Chorley. For materials such as asbestos, paint tins and sharp objects, it’s a job best left to the experts and shouldn’t be disposed of inside a skip.


  • Arrange skip hire


Hiring a skip is ideal for projects that are on-going or guaranteed to produce huge amounts of rubbish. 

A reputable skip hire company will offer a wide variety of domestic skips, including:

  • 2-yard mini skips
  • 4-yard midi skips
  • 8-yard maxi skips
  • 12-yard open skips
  • 16-yard open skips

…and can help you to select the most suitable skip size. They’ll even take care of transportation, saving you tireless trips to the local tip so you can focus on completing your house clearance project.

For more information about skip hire in Chorley, or skip hire near you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with A1 Skips on 01257 273 284 or email info@a1-skips.co.uk