April 19, 2024

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Learn about the best credit card for consolidation

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Whether you are having trouble keeping up with the cost of everyday living or going through a bad phase, the best credit card for consolidation might turn out to be a good option if you wish to lower your debts.Rising credit card interest rates are not common these days and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by all those interest charges while trying to paying the debts. During these days, reducing your interest rate can be a huge task if you wish to make your debt more affordable. One of the best things that you can do for eliminating interest fees is to transfer your balance to a credit card with an introductory 0% APR offer. 

There are many great offers that you can find having a 0% interest for 12months or more. However, there are a few thingswhich you can do when using APR offer including the fact that introductory offers tend to expire. Once your promotional period is over, any remaining balance will be subject to the regular APR which is usually much higher. Most credit cards’ charge balance transfer fees of the transfer amount, so that you are not charged interest on a transfer balance with an intro APR deal.

The available options

While balance transfer might be a great option for lowering your interest rates and easily paying your debts, there is a catch with most of the cardsthat arethe balance transfer fees. Thankfully, there are lots of balance transfer credit card options that offer solid intro- APR offers and would not charge you a balance transfer fees and many of these options come without annual fees as well. In some cases, the balance transfer fees waver may only apply to transfer made within a set window after opening your account. You can check your card’s terms and conditions to determine when you need to transfer your balance in order to pay a fee.

One reality of credit card debt and debt, in general, is that help is least available to those having a very low credit score. And this unfortunate pattern extends to the world of balance transfer credit cards as well. Usually, finding a 0% APR balance transfer with fair credit will require some research especially if you wish to stick with major banks. Student credit cards and secured credit cards are the most likely to provide a good balance transfer offer.