July 12, 2024

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Workplace Safety Tips to Prevent Injury

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As a business owner, you don’t just care about the bottom line. You worked hard to build your own business, and you care about the people who help you make that possibility every day – your employees. The following are a few ways to make sure you and your employees stay safe on the job.

Workplace Injury Prevention Tips

  • Don’t exceed forklift weight capacity. Forklifts are meant to be tough and help employees avoid physical injuries. However, injuries can happen when the driver of a forklift carries a load that exceeds forklift weight capacity.
  • Don’t allow alcohol or drug usage at work. Many workplace accidents are caused by the influence of drugs or alcohol. Provide an anonymous line where workers can call in if they see someone using drugs or alcohol on the job.
  • Provide ergonomic furniture and equipment. This will keep your workers comfortable and free from wrist and back injuries.
  • Provide regular breaks. If you have extra hard workers, you might have to require them to take breaks. Burnout and exhaustion can lead to costly and dangerous mistakes.  Schedule the hardest tasks for the morning. Breaks can also help employees stay fresh while working on the job.
  • Make sure tools and machines are used properly. Don’t take shortcuts. Make sure everyone knows how to use machines and tools properly.
  • Make sure emergency exits are never blocked. Clearly show where emergency exits and don’t place objects in front of them. Also make sure that shutoffs for various machines are easy to access with nothing in the way.
  • Use machines for lifting. Don’t let employees carry heavy items when you have machines available to help. Require them to use a conveyor belt, forklift, crank, or wheelbarrow.
  • Keep workplace stress at a minimum. Make sure that overtime is limited. Have enough staff on hand to handle subbing for vacation days or when there is turnover. If coworkers are not getting along, try remediation skills to help them work out their issues. Let them know that you hear them and they are understood.
  • Wear the correct safety equipment. Protect your employees with earplugs, ear muffs, gloves, safety outfits, masks, safety goggles, hard hats, and other gear to keep them safe and healthy. Provide incentives for exemplary safety. Offer free gift certificates once a month, bonuses, etc. to show your employees that you notice and thank them for their effort.

There are many more ways to keep you and your employees safe on the job. Always be aware, proactive, and keeping abreast of safety laws and procedures in your home state as a business owner. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.