April 12, 2024

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Why Should You Repair Broken Items at Home Instead of Buying New Ones?

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Modern society has created an imperceptible dependence on home appliances. People tend to forget that without your kitchen or fridge daily activities become a hundred times more complicated and time-consuming.

It’s easy to forget that appliances break down due to their longevity and how many times you use them every day. However, if they’re already racking up years, chances are they could break down at any moment.

When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is buying a new one. Although it will quickly fix your issue, buying a brand-new home appliance can be very expensive.

Luckily for you, most appliances have replaceable parts, and you can fix them for a much lower price than buying a new one. In this article, you can see the main reasons you should repair broken items instead of buying new ones.

Lower Replacement Costs

The first and most important reason for repairing is the reduced costs.

Most of the time that home appliances breakdown it’s only a minor spare part that requires changing, and even if you include the handyman’s cost to the repair, it will be cheaper than buying a new one.

You might be tempted to buy a refurbished, used, or old appliance for a lower price. However, you must keep in mind that most of these items are probably appliances that broke down and were repaired.

If you go down that route you might end up with an item with a much more reduced lifetime than your old machine if it was repaired.

Extend Your Appliances’ Longevity

When something breaks down, it doesn’t mean that it has come to the end of its life. If you thoroughly check the item and each of its pieces, and you’ll find out that only certain pieces were damaged and the rest are still functional.

Replacing the item leaves you with a broken appliance that still has some life left on it and only requires a minor fix. If you’re trying to take advantage of every item to its fullest you should consider extending their lives by doing routine maintenance and changing any parts that are prone to breakage.


Earth has a huge waste disposal problem, and there are cities flooded with hundreds of old, broken appliances that no one wants anymore, and governments are looking for a way to reduce these numbers.

However, the primary way to help future generations is by reducing the amount of waste you leave behind, and you can achieve that by attempting to repair your home appliances first and extending their lives to their fullest before discarding them and buying a new one.

Take for example washing machines; people discard them very quickly instead of seeking the washing machine parts that can fix them very quickly and save you a lot of money.

Where to Buy Spare Parts

A common issue with repairing home appliances if finding the right parts at the lowest prices. In the UK, Spares2you has the most extensive variety of spare parts available, with offers on favourite consumer brands. From washing machine parts to kitchen appliances spares, you’ll find everything you need in their store.

Remember, don’t throw your items into the bin just because they won’t turn on, take them in for repairs or try to fix them yourself and you’ll be rewarded with reduced costs both in the short and long run, and aiding the environment by recycling.