April 18, 2024

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What Makes A Great Project Manager?

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There are many skills that make a great project manager or team leader. Making use of these skills will allow work to get done properly and efficiently.

Great Communication Skills

A good project manager and leader must connect with people at all levels, so he or she must have good communication skills. It’s also necessary for a project manager to be able to explain not only the goals of a project, but each member’s responsibilities, tasks, and expectations. They must also be able to provide feedback.

Strong Leadership

In order to motivate his or her team and to achieve the goals of the project, an effective project manager must have strong leadership qualities and know how to use them.

Be a Good Decision Maker

Lead managers are constantly faced with decisions, so it’s necessary that he or she be a good decision maker and make not only the best choices but also be able to decide quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines.

Technical Expertise

There are many options for project management software, but they all require a bit of technical knowledge. In order to accomplish goals, a great project manager should be able to use his or her technical knowledge to use the program to its maximum advantage.

Communicates and Inspires a Vision

A great project manager should have a shared vision with the team and be able to properly articulate that vision. It’s not only important to have a vision, but also to have the right skills in order to lead members of the team in the right direction. A project manager should be able to empower people to see the shared vision as one of their own. Leadership and communication skills also play into this important trait.

Team Building

In order to reach the shared goals, it’s imperative that teams work together. Project managers need to be able to build up their teams and handle any problems that may arise for various members. Project managers need to be fair to each member of the team and treat them equally and come up with ways for the team to work in unison. Leaders also need to be able to discern what parts of the projects will be best for which members of the team. It is imperative to utilize each team members strengths.

Works Well Under Pressure

Working under deadline and on any project is going to have some stressors. Project managers need to be able to handle the pressure, keep cool, and be grounded. Not only will this help him or her be better as a person, but it helps the team as well. By not handling pressure well, it can negatively impact the team and cause even more stress.

Negotiation Skills

Project managers need to be able to negotiate. At any time there can be conflicts that arise in regards to differing opinions. Project managers are there to help negotiate and settle any difference. The right negotiation can help maintain the harmony throughout the team and keep the project on track. Negotiating skills not only come in handy with teams but also can be useful in many different aspects of a project where a project manager can step in.

Be Empathetic

Project leaders are constantly dealing with people, and being emphatic goes a long way in how a team works. It’s important to show people that you are grateful for their work, and this skill is necessary for the needs of the project.


At the end of the day, a project manager needs to know what he or she is doing and be able to work with the challenges that arise.