April 13, 2024

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Why Is It Important to Teach Students About Weather and Climate?

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Students often gripe about having to learn about difficult concepts that seem far removed from their everyday life, but probably no other phenomenon affects a person more than weather and climate. It affects how a person dresses, what someone does each day and where they can go. Unlike algebra, weather and climate will impact a person from the time they’re born until they die.

How Is Weather Different Than Climate?

Weather is the way the atmosphere behaves. You probably think of weather as to what the temperature is outside or the amount of sun that is shining. It includes things like, precipitation, wind, visibility and humidity. Climate includes all those things, but the difference is time. Climate is what you expect to happen; weather is what happens. Think of it like expecting to have snow in the winter, based on what usually happens. That’s climate. When you get a nice, sunny day without much wind, that’s weather.

Both Climate and Weather Are important

No matter where a person lives or works, weather and climate will affect their life. Climate changes impact forests, crops and water supplies. Human health is affected by climate and weather. A lightning detection sensor can identify where lightning is striking, to prevent injuries during a thunderstorm or to let you know the path of the storm.

Climate predictions are important to many different industries, such as agriculture, transportation, health and energy. The changing climate is affecting forests, oceans and even the economy. Weather and climate are vital issues that students need to be aware of. It’s probable that some of today’s students will be tomorrow’s meteorologists, scientists and teachers who will affect future generations.

Consider installing a weather station for schools not only to help children learn about weather, but to monitor conditions within your educational system for safety.