May 22, 2024

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4 Products Every Productive Office Needs

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In offices, productivity is the name of the game. It’s important to get as much work done in a limited time. Hardworking employees play a big part in any workplace’s efficiency. However, they need the aid of proper tools and equipment to get their job done. Here are four products every office needs to increase their output.


Even in industries where most processes are done digitally, offices still can’t get rid of paperwork entirely. They’re necessary for sending out business correspondences, important memos and other daily tasks. Most places often need multiple copies of one file to ensure proper documentation.

Photocopying machines make it easier to make multiple copies of one document. They’re a staple in the workplace. Nowadays, you can get full-colour photocopiers. These are perfect for offices who deal with a lot of images, logos and mock-ups.


Printers are used in every industry. In regular offices, they’re used to create hard copies of paperwork and other forms of documentation. Retail and food industries need these to create copies of receipts. Regardless of what type of business you’re in, these are a must-have in the workplace.

The only problem with this type of equipment is that they are costly to own. A commercial-grade printer can set you back hundreds of dollars. Afterwards, you’ll have to pay for ink refills, repairs and maintenance. The worst part is that new models come out on regular basis, making previous ones obsolete within a year.

This is why most business owners prefer to get office printer lease services from Global Document Solutions instead of buying their own unit. This removes the liabilities of ownership. The service provider takes care of maintenance and repairs. When a new model comes out, you can easily switch units after your contract.

Physical Calendar

A lot of people are surprised to see physical calendars on the list. After all, most devices have built-in applications, so you can keep track of dates. To add to this, most will have a digital planner to ensure they’re up-to-date on upcoming tasks, deadlines and meetings.

Whilst it may be more convenient to take down that important note on your tablet with a cell phone, it can be easy to overlook them too. A calendar hung on your wall is a convenient way to keep track of dates, because it’s directly in your eye line. This makes it easy to see what you need to do at a glance.

Better Lighting

Anyone who has worked at an office is all too familiar with standard fluorescent lights. They’re a staple in every workplace, simply because they’re cost-effective and they last for a long time. However, studies show that standard fluorescent lights increase the chances of eye disease. It also causes headaches. Hire a professional commercial electrician in Brisbane from Dawson Electric for your lighting installation needs.

According to a study by the World Green Building Council, employees who are exposed to daylight show an 18% increase in productivity. Whilst it’s not possible to incorporate windows in every office – especially if you’re just leasing your space – you can simulate the same effect with daylight bulbs.

Author: Carrie Sze