July 12, 2024

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What are the “golden rules” for naming my business?

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People might think that there is not something huge in the name of the person. This is not the case here. The name can do a lot to you and your business. This can be considered the reason why you should choose your business name wisely.

Choose a wise name

The name you choose to give to your business is something that should be chosen with great care. Building up your name is a huge task as if you do not take your intellectual property in Dubai seriously, you will not be able to make a reputation for your business. Also, you can go for copyright business name too. the huge impact a name can make on your business is just remarkable.

What do you need to do before giving a name to your business?

Think before you take any step

There are different categories for different business types. Some businesses give the names of the places, surnames or evocative names to their businesses and to ask a trademark consultant click here.

The name of your business reflects the type of the services or products you provide as well.  This has a great impression on your business as well. If you do not think wisely about your business name, it can either make your business or break your business.

The Companies House check

This is an important step as it tells you whether someone has taken the name of your company or not. If someone has already taken the name of your business and has registered as well as your brand registration in UAE, you will not be able to take that for your business in that case.

This part of the process helps you separating the names that you cannot give to your business.

Check the domain

After separating the list of the names, you can give to your business, you have not checked the website which is in the company line. You need not be very considerate in this process as this process can be a bit tricky for you.

You may type “domain name availability” into your search engine so that you may find the size range available for you.

Search for the names’ list

You need to make sure that when you type your name on the internet, you do not get to find the list of your competitors. Also, the name you choose for your business should not be of any of the companies who are serving the same products or services just like yours.

Trademark registration Services Dubai

After company registration in Dubai, the next step should be trademark registration in Dubai. For the trademark registration in UAE, you need to think of the best name for your business. Your business name can have a huge impact on your business so you should consider it very mindfully.

All of the steps you take for your business should be wise enough to take part in the success of your business. So make sure that you follow all of the above-written steps while choosing your business name, and you can read more about it from here: https://www.farahatco.net/blog/trademark-registration-dubai-uae/