April 14, 2024

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What Are the Best Shop Counters for Your Business

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Shops require counters. They are fundamental to the store experience. However, despite their ubiquity, many mistakes are made when choosing and installing shop counters. Ideally, they should support and provide an efficient shopping experience, being easily locatable and simple to understand. Often they can become crowded, cluttered, or even difficult to find, being concealed from view by tall, central shelving. By not avoiding these pitfalls, the final impression a customer may have of your store could be a negative one.


How much counter space do you need? While it may seem logical to minimise the transaction area and maximise the space dedicated to extra sale items, the balance easily goes awry. Consider the amount of space your till requires, as well as the items handed over the counter. If you are selling larger items, then offering a wider counter area will not only result in an easier transaction but also a quicker sale. Discounted items may be better shifted to slatwall shelves or queue displays instead of potentially being knocked over during a transaction. If it is important to keep them on the till area, then consider choosing a counter design that has slatwall or shelving built onto the sides.


Often during the installation of counters, the potential tidiness is not considered. Think about what wires will be exposed or what computer you will have at the till area. If there are unavoidable intrusions, then it may be best to have a custom designed counter. Many retailers will offer shop counters that can be made in accordance with specific design requirements, which may mean the difference between a tidy, welcoming checkout area and an ugly, cumbersome one.


The shop counter you choose does not have to be off the shelf. If you have a specific theme or style within your store then be sure to consider a matching counter. Shop counters can be made from a variety of materials and fit a wide range of colour schemes, so do not feel like you have to compromise the integrity of your shop for practicality.

Furthermore, since it is often the final point of contact the store has with the customer, the tilling area should be a place of pride. Opting for a handmade and well-designed counter is perfect for making a great impression.


The space available within your shop may dictate what you can dedicate to your counter area. Depending on your stock, a small space may be all that is needed. There are many compact counters available that fit all essential items while remaining efficient. There are also designs that allow for stock to be displayed within the counter itself, either through built-in shelving or behind a glass display. Not only is this ideal for last-minute sales but it is also a suitable option for high-value items that benefit from being under an employee’s eye.

Alternatively, if your employees or store requires items to be kept behind the till then consider a counter that offers drawers and shelving for staff storage. Maintaining the organisation of your till area and the staff’s ability to quickly locate necessary items will speed up transactions and keep customers from becoming bored.