April 14, 2024

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 Video Conferencing is a Great Option for Negotiating with Partners

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This is much more convenient and effective than the usual audio. There is a huge amount of technical solutions for video conferencing. They all work well, so no problems should arise. But it is very important to organize the event correctly in order to avoid trouble during important negotiations.

Monitor the state of technology

It would be great if, before starting a video conference, you will find a few minutes to check all the equipment. In addition, it is worth regularly to conduct a more detailed diagnosis of the entire system. This will minimize the risk of technical problems. To know more about video conferencing equipment.

Put the background in order

The perfect background for video conferencing is a solid wall. But it is not always possible to find such a place. First of all, be careful of windows, because anything can happen on the street. Better close the blinds and set a rather bright artificial light.

Make a detailed plan

Effective video conferencing should not last too long. Try to hold it dynamically, so that participants do not have time to get tired. Plan for a discussion of each question for a certain amount of time and try not to exceed this limit. But you shouldn’t rush other participants. The main thing is that there should be no delays on your part.

Involve all participants in the discussion

To keep the attention of a person who is at a distance is really difficult. To do this, you need to maximally engage him in the discussion and otherwise he will become distracted from the essence of the issue. Be sure to offer to speak to all participants of the videoconference, even if it is not absolutely necessary.

Prepare in advance

All information that theoretically might be needed during a video conference should be at your fingertips. It is absolutely unacceptable to leave your place in the process of discussion, so lay out on the table all the documents that relate to the issues discussed. The opening speech is also worth preparing in advance. It should be informative, but concise.

Don’t forget the mute button

The mute button should always be in your field of vision. Be sure to press it during speeches of other participants. Flipping paper, coughing and sound of the keys create a very unpleasant background. But do not turn off your microphone during an active debate, because you risk missing a good moment for the replica.

Keep eye contact

A look is the most important element of a successful video conference. Most of the time you have to look directly into the camera lens. So you will look confident and convincing. Of course, sometimes you still have to digress to look at the documents, but you should not look away for more than a minute. Another important point is that you should forget about the existence of your Smartphone at the time of the conference.

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