April 12, 2024

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Shipping Basics for International Package Delivery

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When you are shipping an item internationally, you need to submit a detailed description of the item, its content as well as packaging. Is the item you are parcelling perishable? Are they marked dangerous during transit or banned at the destination location? Vague or insufficient shipment details are some of the major reasons why your shipments gets delayed or is kept on hold.

Once you enter all the details on the website of the shipping company, it asks you to submit the details like shipping label, commercial invoice, custom papers to ease the shipping procedure and make it as simple as possible. However, if you lock down the details related to your package before time, it will help in making custom clearance easier.

Know the details related to your parcel first:

What is it? A well-written detailed description of your shipment will help you easily submit all the informative content needed for custom clearances. For instance, rather than mentioning hardware, you should write 55 5 stainless steel washers.

The intended use of the product: It is important to describe the intended use of the shipment, whether it is for manufacture, sale or resale. If your shipment is a paper, it doesn’t need any commercial invoice form.

What is the product manufactured from and where has it been manufactured? This is nation of the origin of the item. The country may not be the place where it has been shipped from but where it was initially produced.

Value of your shipment: Think about the purchase cost of your product on a per-unit basis. The price should be mentioned in the country currency you have purchased it from.

Know about all the shipping options

Discover all the international shipping options in one glance and select the one feasible for you and compare all the perspectives, ground, air sea and global freight charges so you can easily choose the one which suits your timeline and budget. Go for a shipping service which best suits you needs.

Calculate the cost

The shipping cost to foreign countries [ค่า ส่ง ของ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai] is calculated as per the delivery system you have chosen and service level you select.

You can easily get a rough estimate of the export charges of your shipment. The online calculator helps you to know the cost of transportation as well as different fees involved in the shipment to reach the receiver’s doorstep. In order to know the accurate total landed cost, you should use the tariff code of the product you are shipping.

Perfect packaging for international shipping

Because of their very nature, international shipments often need more handling than domestic shipments. This is why right packaging is very important here. Make sure you abide by the packaging guidelines provided by the shipping companies, whether it is small packaging or big.

Keep a track of your shipment

Once your shipment has been couriered, it is far from your sight but not from your mind. So, you can keep a check on it by using the tracking tools of the shipment companies.