July 24, 2024

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Types of Cranes Used in the Construction Industry

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Here at Lampson International, we are a premier cranes for construction company, and we rent, lease and sell some of the most innovative machinery in the industry. Cranes are considered heavy machinery and typically consist of a lower base and a tower or platform that uses cables and pulleys to lower and lift materials. Here are some common types of cranes used in civil engineering construction today.

  1. Mobile Crane—This basic type of crane boasts a steel truss mounted upon a platform that may be wheeled, a cat truck or a rail. Hinged at the bottom, mobile cranes are raised and lowered via hydraulic cylinders or cables.
  2. Telescopic Crane—Telescopic cranes feature a telescopic boom with a series of nested tubes that expand and contract to shorten or lengthen the boom.
  3. Truck Mounted Crane—Typically mounted to a rubber tire truck, these cranes offer superior mobility. Outriggers on truck mounted cranes extend horizontally or vertically and help stabilize the machine when hoisting loads.
  4. Overhead Crane—Also known as suspended cranes, these are designed for especially heavy loads. The hoist is situated on a trolley that can move along beams at angles in line with the direction of the track setup.
  5. Tower Crane—These are modern balance cranes that offer maximum height and lifting capacities when fixed to the ground. These are often used in the construction of tall buildings and skyscrapers.
  6. Loader Crane—Loader cranes are typically fitted to a trailer and feature an articulated arm used to load items onto other trailers. Loaders can fold up when not in use, and they are easy to transport between sites.
  7. Rough Terrain Crane—Designed for off-road use, rough terrain cranes are mounted onto an undercarriage with rubber tires. Outriggers extend vertically and horizontally to keep the crane level and stable while lifting.

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