April 18, 2024

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How Google Remarketing Works For You

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There’s nothing worse than seeing a customer make it most of the way through the buying process with you, only to abandon the purchase halfway through and leave your site. In the past, you could only accept this as one of the risks of doing business online. Now, though, there is a way to bring them back. Here’s how remarketing can help you.

What Is Remarketing?

So, what is ‘remarketing’ and how does it work?

As an example, think back to the last time you were browsing online. Have you ever taken a look at a website, only to leave and go do something else online? You’ll have wandered over to another site, only to see adverts from the very site you’d left. If you’d left something in the basket, you may even see that item being advertised to you.

This style of Google remarketing is employed by marketing agencies like Broadplace, as it’s an effective way of bringing customers back.

Benefits Of Remarketing

Why is this style of marketing so effective for online business owners? There’s plenty of reasons why you should consider it.

Firstly, you’re ensuring that your customers won’t forget about you. With so much competition for their attention online, it’s easy for them to look at your website and then forget all about it as they move on. You want to ensure that you stick in their minds, and advertising to them in this way is one of the best ways of doing so.

Also, this will increase the number of conversions you have on your site with little extra input on your part. By reminding the customer of what you can do for them, they’re much more likely to come back to you.

There’s also the option to up-sell to them after they’ve converted. As you’re increasing the number of sales you will have, there are also more opportunities to up-sell to your customers too.

Giving The Customer Something Extra

Remarketing gives you the chance to give your customer something extra, something that will convince them to come back and buy the item that’s in their basket.

For example, you can offer them a onetime only discount if they click on the advert and come back to the site. For example, you can offer 15% off if they check out in the next few minutes, with a discount code they can only get through that advert. That will be enough for many customers to come back and check out with you, finally making that purchase.

Remarketing will allow you to tempt the customer back in this way, allowing you to convert them easily.

It’s Time To Try It For Yourself

There’s a lot about remarketing that sounds great to small business owners. It gets your voice heard above the competition online, it helps you stop losing leads, and of course, it converts more customers. Look into using it with your business to retain those customers.