July 24, 2024

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Top-Rated Marketing Automation Tools for Startups in 2023

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Manually carrying out the steps of a digital marketing campaign may be a time-consuming process, which can be particularly problematic for new businesses that are already operating with a limited budget and a small staff. Investing in a marketing automation platform might help you get a lot done, particularly if you don’t have a separate staff of marketers working on your company’s marketing.


Mailchimp is a platform for marketing automation that enables users to develop, deliver, and evaluate email and advertising campaigns. The platform provides full transparency for the campaign, including email tracking, view success, click-through rates, and bespoke reports. Additionally, the program will assist you in the management of subscribers and the segmentation of those subscribers depending on criteria such as interests, geographic location, and stage in the buyer journey.

You have the option of either designing your own unique templates for use in your marketing campaigns or selecting one from a collection of already-designed templates. Campaign emails, follow-up communication with clients, and individualized notification of subscribers are all handled automatically by the program. Support is available through chat, email, and phone with MailChimp. The program may be used on the web and also comes with a mobile application that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Since its founding in 2001, Keap has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of marketers in meeting their lead generation, revenue, and customer acquisition goals. Keap is particularly well-suited to the needs of sole proprietors and other types of small company owners, and based on my own observations, I’ve found that it attracts a rather savvy customer base. 

You are able to create quite complicated decision trees based on the lead magnet that a person signs up for, the number of emails that they read and click on, as well as any other contact property data that you have. Customers who have been using Keap for a long time may find that they prefer the Max Classic plan since it is the one that is most analogous to the platform that was first offered by Infusionsoft.

Sprout Social

On our list of marketing automation solutions, Sprout Social is one of the top options available. It features one of the most extensive feature sets available, with choices that are tailor-made for things such as social management and marketing, customer support, staff advocacy, analytics, and insights. The publishing component of Sprout Social’s service is especially perfect for teams since it enables team members to collaborate on both the strategy and the execution of their work. You may find that Sprout Social, which is now the most popular platform for squeezing genuine financial value out of social media, is of assistance to you. Recognizing your target market for social media that is developed with the whole of your organization in mind.


Wiser is one of the most all-inclusive and sophisticated pricing strategies and automation solutions available on the market today. The tool may assist you with a variety of tasks, like gauging demand, doing A/B price comparisons on your offerings, and finding the optimal pricing point to optimize your profits. Wiser takes care of the heavy lifting to ensure that your pricing strategy is always effective for both you and your consumers, even if demand and other market factors shift.


Moosend is a platform for the automation of email marketing that serves a variety of businesses, including e-commerce and SaaS. The automation tool makes use of sophisticated website monitoring and triggers, which enables you to send the appropriate email campaign to those individuals in your contact list who have shown interest in a certain product or service. For instance, you might create a cart abandonment series in order to target prospective clients who did not complete their purchases after placing items in their shopping carts.

Collecting and maintaining customer data may also come in handy since you can use it to design product suggestion campaigns based on product views. This can be accomplished by using the data collected from customers. Because of this data, you are also able to generate full reports on the progress of the campaign as well as the activity of the users, which enables you to maximize the efficiency of your commercial messages.


Zalster is a solution for advertising automation that manages advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to the automations and optimizations for Facebook and Instagram ads that customers may set up in their campaign manager, Zalster provides additional services in the areas of reporting, auto-boosting of posts, and creative toolkits. All of this is an effort to make the marketers’ regular tasks more manageable.


Eloqua, which is now a part of the Oracle suite of products, differentiates itself from the competition by being compatible with almost all of the other tools in your marketing tool belt. Eloqua has more than 712 connectors, which means it can make the whole marketing process more simplified and customized for your business. In addition to this, it is one of the very few all-in-one platforms that has an express focus on providing assistance to B2B marketers and businesses.

In summary

When a company or marketing team is able to automate its operations, which is not the case for all businesses or marketing teams, marketing automation solutions have the potential to take an already successful marketing strategy to new heights. You can turn marketing analytics into great implementation at scale if you understand your specific requirements and choose the appropriate solution to fulfill those goals. This will enable you to spend less time on the ins and outs of the company and more time growing it. Are you looking for more than marketing automation tools? Benlola, a SaaS-focused SEO agency, could be an excellent choice for you.