April 14, 2024

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3 Key Advantages of Online Events

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There are many key benefits associated when attending a virtual event in Singapore, and we will discuss them in this article.

1. More attendees.

Contrary to popular belief, virtual events are more likely to attract more participants than their in-person counterparts. According to a recent study by a virtual event company in Singapore, online conference attendance is on average 29% higher than at a live event. This is because there is no need for people to travel; they can participate from wherever they want, on-demand videos and other materials are available in most cases, and networking is made easier. A live event in Berlin may not always be reachable for Austin, Texas residents. A virtual event does away with these geographical constraints.

2. Exhibitors and sponsors will be given more value.

A virtual event in Singapore, at first glance, may appear to be of little value to exhibitors and sponsors/partners. There isn’t a physical location, no booths or stalls, no face-to-face interaction, or anything of the sort. Upon closer inspection, however, a different picture emerges. It’s no longer necessary for exhibitors and sponsors to worry about empty booths at the event venue because of virtual social communities that are included in most leading event management platforms. There will be fewer trips and more time to engage in worthwhile activities.

3. A huge amount of time is saved.

Choosing a good virtual event organiser in Singapore is the first step in determining how these online events can save event hosts time and money. Since everything is done digitally, marketing and promotion efforts can be carried out with less effort and expense. Compared to onsite check-in procedures, registration and virtual check-in are much faster. Of course, no time needs to be set aside for travel. Evention is a one-stop shop for all your virtual exhibition needs in Singapore. Everything is smoothly and effectively done, from pre-event invites to on-site check-in to post-event feedback and report generation. They are proud to provide an automated event management system and value-added event interaction apps.