May 22, 2024

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The Clear Benefits of Electric Hand Dryers

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While it may have been traditionally a subject of some debate, facts are facts.  And the facts we have to work with today comprehensively illustrate the fact that electric hand dryers boast a range of unique benefits that go above and beyond traditional paper towels.

Investing in high quality electric hand dryers for any given workplace can make a real difference in terms of hygiene, convenience and cost effectiveness alike.  Working with a specialist retailer means gaining access to not only an extensive range of products from the best brands in the business, but also the lowest prices on all hand dryers across the board.

There may be an extensive variety of electric hand right types and specifications available these days, but in terms of key benefits and advantages, many of the most important examples are universally applicable across the board.

Consider the following examples:

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When compared to paper towels, electric hand dryers are across the board significantly more environmentally friendly.  In order to produce just a single ton of paper towels:

  • 7000 gallons of water is polluted
  • 17 full grown trees are harvested
  • 464 gallons of oil are burned
  • 42 gallons of gasoline are burned

By contrast, electric hand dryers consume the bare minimum amount of electricity to operate and do not have nearly the same kind of environmental impact as the use of paper towels.


Also worth bearing in mind is the way in which the on-going cost effectiveness of electric hand dryers is significantly greater than that of paper towels. The reason being that while it may be more expensive to invest in a high quality electric hand dryer in the first place, on-going operational costs are extremely low. Especially when compared to conventional hand towels, which must be continually replaced on an on-going basis, which can amount to significant on-going costs.


In terms of simple convenience, an electric hand dryer can offer significant benefits for both those using such devices and the company as a whole.  For the everyday user, the fact that an electric hand dryer can never ‘run out’ in the same way as a stockpile of paper towels ensures consistent performance and convenience at all times.  For the business, not having to frequently refill paper towel dispensers and dispose of thousands of waste paper towels every day is both more convenient and adds further eco-friendliness.

Improved hygiene

Speaking of which, it is important to remember that in any bathroom where there is a stockpile of waste paper towels that have been used by others, this has the potential to lead to unsanitary conditions in its own right.  A wide variety of studies have comprehensively proven that electric hand dryers are capable of drying hands in a manner that is even more hygienic to the use of paper towels and their respective dispensers.


For those who choose to invest in the latest high-power hand dryers, speed represents another key advantage.  Some of the best models on the market these days are capable of comprehensively and hygienically drying hands in as little as 15 seconds, while at the same time minimising mess.  


Last but not least, while it may seem like a somewhat unusual advantage to bring up, it is nonetheless important to acknowledge the fact that a surprising number of people stock up on paper towels at the expense of the bathrooms they visit.  Rather than simply using the towels required to try their hands at the time, they may choose to pocket any number of additional towels, to be used elsewhere. Not the end of the world when it comes to one or two isolated incidents, but over the course of several months or years, these are the kinds of costs that can soon add up.

On the whole, hot air hand dryers have come a long way over recent years in terms of technology, affordability and performance. The days of poor-quality hand dryers infamous for doing a half-job at best are well and truly over.

Energy efficient, quiet-running and capable of delivering superb results in a matter of seconds, there really has never been a better time to upgrade to a higher standard in hand drying.