April 19, 2024

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Investing in Dubai

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What distinguishes setting up a business in the UAE is that it is a “tax-free country”, which means that you will not have to pay any taxes on your profits and revenues, and this is one of the biggest incentives for business leaders and investors because they will be able to earn as much as possible without worrying about doing To pay anything to the government for their investment in the country. Starting a business in the Emirates that includes understanding the difference between the mainland and the free zone and forming the offshore company after that based on the activities and services you wish to provide you need to choose a license.

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Investment opportunities in Dubai

  1. Real estate investment in one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a golden opportunity and safe for investors. During the year 2018, foreign direct investment flows to the Emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump, and it ranked first in the world in the best performing cities index, and the sixth in the cities most attractive index for capital flows Foreign direct investment funds over the past year
  2. Investing in stocks and bonds is an excellent opportunity if it is carried out with the necessary consultations and with deliberate steps
  3. Investing in opening a commercial activity and exploiting the fertile environment that has been prepared to receive businessmen from all over the world

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Why Dubai?

Dubai ranked first in the “Financial Times” report, the best performance in foreign direct investment “globally for 2018, which confirmed Dubai’s superiority over London, Paris, Dublin and Singapore, as it appeared in all global rankings reports of the best investment sites issued in 2018 by the” FDI Markets “index , Which tracks data on capital flows and new FDI projects around the world, and reports of the “FDI” index that identifies the best FDI locations in the world by reference comparisons.

From this standpoint, all eyes are directed to the Emirates, which is the ideal country to achieve your investment dream and establish your company, and we are here to obtain your business license within a few days.

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The period required for obtaining a business license in the United Arab Emirates is related to the type of activities that you would like to do in addition to the legal form of the company. There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one federal or government agency, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled facilities and services It has made Dubai the ideal front for doing business and setting up companies.
Firstly, the free trade zone is an area of ​​special status. A tax-free zone with low trade barriers where goods can be manufactured, imported, exported, traded or reconfigured without paying any customs fees!

Free trade areas are generally located in strategic geographical locations such as international airports, national borders and major seaports in order to maximize trade advantages.

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There are about 30 free zones located throughout the UAE and attracted foreign direct investment in the form of huge companies that contribute to the growth of the gross domestic product of the United Arab Emirates, each of which is designed for a specific commercial activity and the free trade zones provide very profitable facilities for non-resident companies such as ownership 100%, no bureaucratic routine and one-stop management convenience.

As for investment in Dubai, during the year 2018, the FDI inflows to the Emirate of Dubai recorded a record jump, and it ranked first in the world in the best performing cities index, and the sixth in the cities most attractive index of FDI inflows during the past year.

The free zones are subject to the laws of their own and that of foreigners who provide investors, which guarantee the rights of all parties and regulate the investment process.

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The record results achieved by Dubai strengthened its position as a major hub in the global economy and also its position in the classification of capital flows of new investment projects. Dubai also succeeded in attracting 523 foreign direct investment projects in 2018 with growth of 43% compared to 2017