July 12, 2024

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How to dispose of renovation waste

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If you’re planning to renovate your home in Wigan this autumn, you’re likely to generate huge amounts of rubbish – whether it be leftover tongue and groove floorboards, scrap metal or broken furniture. But how will you dispose of it?

Here we look at the different ways to dispose of renovation waste, covering landfill, recycling and skip hire in Wigan.

  • Landfill

One of the oldest methods of disposal is taking waste to landfill. A landfill site is a designated area for waste disposal – away from settlements – ideal for items that cannot be donated, reused or recycled.

If your renovation project produces a lot of rubbish, you may consider driving it to the landfill site where you can get rid of it at once. However, these sites pose a lot of controversy and harm the environment. 

Due to a lack of circulation at landfill sites, it can take a single plastic bottle almost 450 years to decompose naturally. As a result of this, harmful gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are released – increasing the risk of the greenhouse effect and global warming. Landfills can also pollute water supplies which affects wildlife.


  • Recycling 

A great way to remove renovation waste is to recycle or reuse it. If you ordered too many supplies, don’t just throw them out. Consider donating them to those in need.

Selling unwanted items, such as appliances or scrap materials, saves you tireless trips to the landfill site – allowing you to complete your project sooner and to earn yourself a little money.

Another benefit of recycling renovation waste is that some items aren’t biodegradable, meaning they won’t break down at landfill sites. Recycling is a sustainable alternative to dumping waste, and Skips Preston can help you to find your local tipping facilities.


  • Skip hire

Looking to get rid of renovation waste fast? Skip hire Wigan is a fantastic idea – and one that’s guaranteed to benefit both, you and the environment.

Skips Preston can guide and advise you in making the right choice, supplying a range of domestic skips, including:

  • 2yd mini skips
  • 4yd mini skips
  • 6yd midi skips
  • 8yd maxi skips

They arrange skip delivery and collection around what works best for you – reducing the need for you to organise your own transport. If you’d like the skip to be left on the road, Skips Preston will also obtain the permit from the local council on your behalf to ensure stringent regulations are met.

What’s more, they aim to recycle 90% of the items held inside skips – making skip hire Wigan a sustainable option. 

Need to know more about skip hire in Wigan? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Skips Preston today. Call 01772 827 603 or email info@skipspreston.com for more information.