April 13, 2024

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Difference Between Rubber tubing and Silicone Rubber tubing

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Are you one of them running confused that what are the prominent difference between Rubber and Silicone Rubber? You are in the right place as we are going to explain everything in a detailed manner.

Rubber and Silicone Are Elastomers –

First, it needs to understand that rubber and silicone both are elastomers. They are polymeric materials, which exhibit viscoelastic behavior known as elasticity. Silicone can easily be distinguished from rubbers based on atomic structure. Silicone actually holds amazing properties in comparison with normal rubbers. Rubbers are naturally occurring or they can easily be synthesized. Do you want to know the prominent key factors can play a major role able to differentiate from rubber?

  • Resistant To Fungus and Chemical Higher –

Moreover, the inorganic backbone of silicone plays a major role to make it resistant to fungus and chemicals higher. That is why Silicone is considered as an ideal option to go ahead as per many businesses. You do not need to worry about it regarding the quality while using it. The best results you will have going with Silicone. Moreover, silicone rubber is also high temperature considered resistant to ozone and UV attach because of having its silicon-oxygen bond. Moreover, this is quite less susceptible to these attacks in comparison to carbon. Using it means any kind of issues associated with fungus or chemical would not occur. You will have a process of staying stress-free. And that is why most businesses prefer to go for it instead of going any other option at all.

  • Synthetic Rubber –

Silicone is indeed a synthetic rubber and it is synthesized following modifying silicon. Silicone is being used in different fields for various purposes. Silicone comes with a backbone of silicon atoms having alternating oxygen atoms. The best thing about silicone is that it holds high-energy silicon-oxygen bonds, which makes it highly resistant to heat in comparison with any other rubbers or elastomers. Talking about Silicone Rubber Tubing, it is high in demand in various businesses such as milk manufacture units, etc.

  • Lower Tear Strength –

What makes Silicone different from others is that it holds lower tear strength. That is why it has always been in high demand among the businesses. It holds a lower tensile strength as well as lower tear strength instead of the organic rubbers.  But when a high temperature is approached towards it, then it goes to tensile and tears properties too. You might be thinking that what it happens actually, the reason is that Silicon holds variation of properties less when it is approached at high temperatures. Businesses always want to go with an ideal option and this one is superb to go indeed.

  • Quite Durable –

Moreover, the best thing is that Silicone is quite durable in comparison with other elastomers. Moreover, this is one of the amazing beneficial properties of silicone. It does not matter for what purpose is silicone being used, it has always been the best at the forefront. When you know that the product you are going to use is durable, half of your stress will go away.

On the other hand, rubber is used in the context of various applications such as automotive application, cookware, and electronics and so on.  Because they are waterproof, they are used for a variety of applications such as sealant, gloves and so on. Rubbers or elastomers are considered an ideal option to go ahead to have insulating purposes. Among all types of rubbers, Silicone is considered much better regarding thermal insulations because of its key feature of heat resistance.

Application Of Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing and More –

It is needless to mention that silicone tubing is regarded as the best and widely used material in the high purity process industry. Silicone is also preferred a lot in comparison of anything else is because of its key feature of ensuring safety. Silicone tubing also does not come up with any plasticizers or any other kind of additives that can lead towards toxicological kind of issues. Apart from it, silicone tubing is quite flexible. It is resistant to tearing and kinking.

You might be thinking that what does exactly needs to select silicone tubing for a high purity process. Talking about the prominent benefit of platinum cured silicone rubber products, it is that they come up with the key feature of having an extremely low level of extractable. Moreover, they are leachable too.

  • High purity platinum-cured silicone is often used in the context of production of a variety of essential thing such as
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotechnology
    • Injectable
    • Food and beverage products

The motto of using platinum cured silicone is that these products are needed the best hygiene and safety while manufacturing. High purity platinum cured silicone is used whenever it comes about withstanding temperature extremes, ozone exposure, moisture, radiation, etc. They are resistant to all these things in a better way.

  • Any sort of long-term exposure or process, which requires heat or tension, means high purity platinum cured silicone would be right to choose. And that is why industries associated with any of these above-mentioned fields prefer to go with it. Talking about key attributes of platinum-cured silicone, it comes up with amazing features such as
    • High Tear And
    • Very Low Shrinkage
    • Fine Detail Reproduction
    • Extensive Range Of Hardness
    • Tensile Strength and So On

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Conclusion –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the ideal silicone products checking it out following all needed aspects. You must not get confused, it is time to go with the best option.