May 22, 2024

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Hare and tortoise system for email management

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Overflow of emails

Being in an era of technology is amazing but it does bring headaches along with it. A normal working person these days have more than one email id. It can be either a headache or a blessing; it depends on how you manage them.

Being social or productive

There are many fields that need you to be social for your work these days. If that is the case with you then you don’t need to worry about separating your social and practical life. But if you are doing a job that needs you to focus on your work then you need to keep your social and work accounts separate.

If you keep checking your emails during your working hours, the emails that do not concern your work then it will only distract you and affect your work efficiency.

Social account

The Social account here addresses the account that in unofficial you can exchange it with your friends and family or at some outlets to get alerts. That’s something totally unrelated to work. It may make you feel refreshed by looking at messages from loved ones but it will be wastage of time.


If you think you are an amazing multi-tasker and you can manage all your emails besides doing your office work then sorry but you are mistaken. A normal office worker or a high school student gets more than 88 emails in a day. You can only think about managing it all together but you may end up messing things terribly.

Hare and tortoise system to manage emails

The hare and tortoise system for managing the email  overload will not take more than an hour. Divide your clock imaginarily into two parts. One of twenty minutes and other of forty. You can be a hare for twenty minutes and quickly go through titles and subjects of emails and delete or hide the unimportant or spam emails while for the rest of the time you need to be a tortoise and deeply go through the important emails.

Time management

It takes quite a lot of time to practice time management to be a pro at it. If you keep practicing then you will notice that you keep improving it. There are a few practices that will help you improve. You need to keep all the things; you need to do, in your mind. You need to keep the track of the time. You should not be jealous of people who are better at management than you because that will only cause wastage of your time. Just know that people are better because they practiced more than you and you will be amazing at it after you add these practices in your daily life

Time management techniques

Divide tasks in two groups important and unimportant, same like that divide time in two groups urgent and not urgent now you can do the important and urgent tasks first then you can prioritize the tasks according to your requirements. To have a complete understanding of time management you can find all the relevant data on the link given below: