May 22, 2024

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The Georgian branch of the Shangri La casino is recognized as the best gambling establishment in Tbilisi

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The Shangri La Tbilisi Casino continues to collect awards as one of the best gambling houses in Georgia. After the prestigious certificate of Tripadvisor the Certificate of Excellence, received in the summer of 2016, in the autumn of the same year the casino was awarded with one more title.

“Shangri La” in Tbilisi was awarded with the “Golden Brand” prize. This nomination is granted on the basis of a serious selection process. The casino is recognized as the best in Georgia in 2016. And what is especially valuable, it was awarded with the support of the Business Federation of Georgia, the Ministry of Economy, the City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Service quality assessment was done by top notch professionals. Top managers and business administrators, professors of higher education institutions, economic experts and top management of state-owned companies were engaged in assessing of service quality.

Darren Keane Storm International CEO was proud to receive the award. “Golden Brand” is an indicator of really high achievements. The prize was established in Georgia in 2006, and for more than 10 years it has been awarded only to the best of the best in certain professional area.

Darren Keane commented the results of the ceremony. “It is so important for the company that the professionals from different areas and with variety of backgrounds unanimously recognized the service level of Shangri La Tbilisi as the best among all of the casinos in Georgia”.