April 18, 2024

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Fine Choices for the Best Technology template Now

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If you want to successfully make a new website or have it made, then your preparation is crucial. The better is your briefing for the web design agency, the greater is the chances of success with your new site. But how do you get started? We are happy to share with you a concise selection of very practical tips with proven results.

Determine your “ideal customer”

Think of your ideal customer. To whom do you prefer to sell? Write a concise profile of this ideal customer: what type of person is he or she, where are his interests located, what problems or challenges do you expect on his path, what makes him happy, how does he communicate, how does he make purchasing decisions and which channels uses the person to get new information. Finally, name this person and place this written profile close to your computer screen. With every step in the further design of your new website, you step into the skin of your ideal customer and evaluate your progress. This is where the use of the technology roadmap template  comes useful.

Write down your value proposition

Your value proposition is the value promise that you make towards your ideal customer. What service or product do you promise to give to someone who buys from you and what added value do you want to offer compared to your competitor. From this value proposition, you are now trying to put this into 1 powerful headline: should you get free advertising along an important motorway, what would you write about it taking into account the speed with which drivers drive past a billboard? Supplement this with a baseline depending on the need.

Then think of 5 strengths that indicate why someone should buy from you and write it down in 5 terms.

Determine keywords based on your value proposition

All the valuable things that you have written down to now, you now scan looking for keywords. Keywords are terms with which you want to be found in Google and other search engines. Evaluate and supplement this with search terms by crawling back into the skin of your ideal customer. Limit yourself initially to around 10 valuable terms.

Determine your website menu structure based on your keywords

You have already compiled your perfect homepage in tip 2. Think of your ideal customer: what does someone like that want to read to contact you for an order and to build a customer relationship? These elements form the basis for your menu structure and subpages. To write texts for your subpages, repeat tip 2: write per page the added value that you offer compared to your ideal customer. You then remove the opposite side in your text as to why visitors would not buy from you. Now use tip 3 to further complete your search terms if necessary.