April 19, 2024

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Want To Start A Company In Dubai: Here Is What You Need To Know

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Company formation in Dubai is exemplary easy given several factors from the strategic position to supportive government and excellent infrastructural facilities. As the leading city in the UAE, Dubai has grown to be the leading business hub in the world

Factors to consider in Company formation in Dubai

  •       Cost

The cost of company formation in Dubai varies depending on the type of business you want to start up and the location. For instance, you can choose to start up a business in the mainland or free zone. Company formation in Dubai free zone is relatively less costly to set up.

The cost also include registration fee, rental fee, and license fee as well as an application for visa. The decision on where to set up your company can be determined by comparing costs and other factors with the budget that you wish to put into the business.

  •       Company setup.

Company formation in Dubai can be set up in mainland, free zone, or offshore. The location of the company will determine the type of license and type of business activities you wish to undertake. Some business requires less paperwork while others will need complex licensing. For example for commercial businesses such as buying and selling goods, then you will be required to obtain a commercial license. Other types of company include industrial, professional or other incorporation.

If your business involves import and export, then it will be logical to locate it in an area close to relevant means of transport such as airport, railway or port.

Advantages of company formation in Dubai free zone include: costs are much lower compared to mainland or offshore, zero taxation, full ownership no currency restrictions and custom privileges.

Choose your company name

As stipulated in the UAEs Company Naming Conventions avoid the use of offensive language or names of religious institutions. If you use your name or that of company’s partners, register full names since abbreviations are not allowed.

Make your application for visas and licensing.

If you decide to set up your business in free zone then the applications are made directly to the respective free zone.

Mainland company formation can be made online through the department of economic development(DED) and approval from the Dubai chamber of commerce and industry.

Due to many customers and regulation of Dubai laws, you should seek Company Formation Specialist who will help take care of all your paperwork to ensure they are free from errors, to avoid rejections and delays.