April 14, 2024

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Career Pathways with an MA in Healthcare Administration

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If you are currently looking for the best master’s degree in healthcare to suit your individual future career aspirations, or you are just a keen planner for the future, then it is also useful to be made aware of which particular doors are open to you after studying a certain degree program.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top career pathways you can expect to apply for with an MA in healthcare administration.

Healthcare Administration: 101

Healthcare administration essentially encompasses the provision of expertise and leadership across the entire range of different healthcare and medical settings. In essence, a healthcare administrator is the person who bridges the gap between a medical facility or hospital’s medical provisions and the fact that it is still a business. 

You should also search the internet for the MHA job outlook for healthcare administration professionals compared with that of someone who does not hold such a professional qualification to realize acquiring such a degree is the next logical step to success. 

Key Duties & Responsibilities of a Healthcare Administrator 

Depending entirely on the specific organization or company which an individual healthcare administrator is tasked with serving, their roles and responsibilities will naturally vary.

However, as a basis to work from, the following duties will more than likely form the base of any professionally qualified healthcare administrator’s role:

  • The timely and consistent management of finances
  • The maintenance and updating of detailed records of medical supplies
  • The coordination of various working schedules for different sections of the team
  • The processing of insurance company claims 
  • The assurance that the business is always entirely legally compliant
  • The initial recruiting and training arrangements for new employees
  • The dedication to improving the efficiency and quality of patient care 

Like any other field of healthcare, there are different levels of career pathways within healthcare administration, with the key entry-level jobs including intake coordinator, medical records associate, executive assistant, and business development associate. 

Top-End Career Pathways in Healthcare Administration

As you work your way through the ranks and providing you make sure to absorb as much information as possible, both from experience gleaned yourself and by talking to your mentors and peers, you will start to realize that the proverbial chain of command within the sector of healthcare administration is more than a little complicated. 

However, through a combination of tenacity, dedication, and proven skills, it is entirely viable that you should make your way up this proverbial chain of command within the system. 

Should you want to, you could even achieve the highest echelons of healthcare administration, which include becoming the medical director of a hospital. This role sees you focused on highlighting the overarching mission and key treatment goals of the facility.

Other top-end career pathways in healthcare administration include the administrator of a nursing home or a group of nursing homes under the umbrella of one company. You could also take on the role of a chief nursing officer, who is responsible for the organization of doctors, nurses, surgeons, and every other healthcare provider if you are after a real challenge.