April 13, 2024

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BIIDO Cryptocurrency Exchange (Zero Fees) Review

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BIIDO is a fast-growing cryptocurrency agency that offers its users top-notch services. The exchange promises to offer “zero fee digital asset exchange.”  You heard that right; you are not paying a dime whenever you exchange your digital asset with someone else on the platform. That’s a first of its kind, I may say.

While using the exchange, you have access to its customer-oriented services that make the platform stand out above its competitors. The features also guarantee the platform’s ease of use so that users won’t feel out of place, even if they are new in the cryptocurrency world.

But it’s not just about ideas that makes BIIDO irresistible but the legitimacy of the project itself towards it towards that direction. With already 16 different coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DOGE, LTC and others trading. Unlike many other projects, BIIDO Exchange is sponsored by the project itself not the members. With partnership likely to be announced with established companies and exchanges is the reason that makes BIIDO one of the fastest emerging Crypto exchange in the world.

You don’t have to worry about creating a user account on the platform. The exchange allows users to have free access to their services without actually registering as a member. That makes it easier for potential users.

When talking about the potential, the thing that instantly makes BIIDO standout is no private sale at all. A thing that most consider crucial, but there is nothing as such with BIIDO platform. And in line to their vision of giving the project stability in long run, by eliminating the risk of tokens being dumped by early investors that usually occurs with 90% of the projects.

BIIDO also has some features that are designed to give users a memorable user experience on the platform. This includes:

1 BIIDO mobile application: The exchange is currently creating a mobile application for users on Android and iOS devices. If you are a user of either of these mobile devices, download the app on your device and access the platform at your convenience. That’s pretty simple.

2 BIIDO Trading Community: The exchange allows traders to come together as a family and learn from each other. It is a great place for new traders to learn from the more experienced members. Their experience may be of help to the newbies.

3 BION: BIIDO also has its own digital currency. With an estimated 5 billion BION coin, users have a great opportunity to invest in this currency with a potential for growth.

In addition to using the coin for transactions on the exchange, you also stand to win a huge discount on services you purchase from the exchange if you use the coin.

And aside from all those worthy mentions, there is one major point that deserves all the attention, and that the team behind the project. It follows like:

Mr. Roger Lim from Neo Global Capital, an expert in advising top Blockchain project such as Blockcloud, Multivac, Bluezelle, etc. that gives big return for their investors.

Mrs Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, a pioneer of internet startup in Indonesia that has received prestigious award i.e. 99 Most Powerful Women Globe Asia.

Mr Davy Makimian, CEO of the largest Advertising Company in Indonesia, which means greater level of awareness for Biido, having over 280 Million people in Indonesia.

Trading is fun when you have the right platform to put your trading skills to use. BIIDO is more than an exchange; it is a unique trading platform for cryptocurrency traders.

Official Website: https://bion.biido.id/