April 19, 2024

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7 Reasons why health and safety makes good sense for your new business  

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Running a business involves a lot of things. The foremost among them is ensuring the safety of the staff. It is not only the moral and ethical obligation to follow healthy practices at the workspace but also a humane act to do so.

However, these responsibilities don’t come without their share of benefits for the businesses. Here we give you, 7 reasons why health and safety make good sense for your new business:

  1. Retention  

One of the prominent issues a new business faces is the dwindling number of employees. A brand new company finds it hard to find staff due to its lack of reputation that established ones have acquired over the years. Therefore, retaining the existing ones is essential and ensuring the safety of employees help with it. Hence, new businesses should practice effective health and safety policies.  

  1. Productivity

Budding businesses need every ounce of productive work they can get to reach their primary goals. With a limited number of staffs and resources, they have a hard time achieving the same. Without proper safety and health policies in place, the overall productivity can take a hit, for the staffs will be worried about their safety or health concerns to focus on work. Therefore, startup and new businesses should pay attention to health and safety policies for their employees.

  1. Reputation

For a new business reputation in the industry and among clients in pivotal for its success and profits. They cannot afford the backlash of a health or safety hazard. Therefore, budding companies should ensure the security of their personnel to protect themselves and their reputation to protect. For, doing so will attract sponsors and clients.

For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation. This may seem tough, but the payoffs are huge: increased productivity of workers, increased bottom line, and greater consumer confidence.

  1. Easy operations

When safety and health policies and procedures are ready, they make it easier for managers and team leaders to consider employee behavior, while minding theirs as well. Moreover, an existing procedure will make it easier to handle any safety and health matters that arise in the future.

  1. Saves time and money

Ensuring the safety of personnel will make them stay with the company for the long term. This saves not just money involved in the recruitment process, but also valuable time. Moreover, if the absence of appropriate measures within a company causes accidents, there would be hefty legal costs. Which, can be saved by taking care of the health and safety of the staff.  

  1. Reduced leaves

When your office space is following effective health and safety measures, the number of staffs that are unable to work due to medical issues will reduce exponentially. Not only, will this, lessen the leave rate, but it will also save money and time wasted when staffs are absent.  

  1. Staff protection

For new businesses, their staff is invaluable. For they are the few among the millions, who were ready to give the budding company a chance. As such, it is a business’s obligation and duty to protect their employees. Following safety and health procedures will prevent personnel suffering from a work-related illness like back and neck pain, asthma due to asbestos in the ceiling.