June 14, 2024

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6 Benefits of Joining an Alumni Association

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In the United States, 99.5 million adults have graduated college with a bachelor’s degree. 

Those graduates then become alumni of their universities, with the opportunity to join their alma mater’s alumni association. 

Knowing what comes with joining these associations can benefit you in multiple ways. 

If you’d like to learn about the perks of joining your alumni association, keep reading! 

1. Benefits

Alumni benefits are one of the best reasons to join associations. Not many people realize the discounts available to them once they join. You’ll save money when purchasing goods and services from businesses worldwide. 

Travel discounts will help you save money on any vacations or trip you take in the future. While traveling or at home, you can also save money at certain businesses. Additionally, you can save money directly at your alma mater on continued education, sports games, apparel, etc. 

2. Community

Joining the alumni community is an excellent perk that many forget about until they are fully involved in the association. This community brings together like-minded individuals who love their college. You’ll come to love the camaraderie, and it’s always exciting to learn more about the community you’ll be involved with for the rest of your life.

This community will also give you many different connections and networking opportunities. People from all backgrounds can find themselves helping one another through these programs. 

3. Giving Back

There’s no better feeling than giving back to the college you once attended. The college’s current or future students are always in need of help in one way or another. 

Many associations gather to volunteer at campuses to help students, conduct events, or better the campus. Additionally, your donations to the university can help with scholarship funds for future students. 

4. Events

Alumni participation comes with exciting events put on just for the association. Many universities hold parties, homecomings, and dinners for alumni members as thanks for their contributions. 

These events allow you to create relationships and bonds with other members. New friendships can be carried over into your daily life and make memories you’ll never forget. 

5. Career Services

One of the most helpful alumni resources is the career services offered. Career services help graduates and longtime members find new jobs or transition to new careers. These services allow you to explore options that will work well for your lifestyle. 

6. Staying Connected 

College years are usually a massive chapter of many people’s lives today. The memories created hold a special place in their hearts, making them want to stay connected. Joining an alumni association allows you to stay up to date on events and news happening at your alma mater. 

Joining an Alumni Association

Joining your alumni association can bring you a variety of perks to benefit from. 

You’ll find yourself immersed in a new community, all while giving back to your alma mater. 

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