April 13, 2024

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5 Jobs Involving Interior Design & Decorating 

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Do you have a passion for art and a flair for creative design? Are you fascinated by both ancient and modern architecture and love nothing more than attending design shows in your local area and further afield? If this sounds like you, then this article may well be what you need; here are five jobs involving interior design and decorating. 

  1. Interior Designer

First and foremost, a professional career as an interior designer will most directly encompass your skillsets and passions. Your working day will be dedicated to renovating and designing interior living spaces in domestic, commercial, and leisure buildings. 

You will also be required to conduct regular feasibility studies for projects, have an impressive contact list for prominent designers, such as ligne-roset-bromley.co.uk, and develop close working relationships with clients. 

  1. Visual Merchandiser 

If you already hold a degree in interior design or else are looking into further education with a view to a professional career in the field, then another industry that directly utilizes such skills and knowledge is one of a visual merchandiser.

As a visual merchandiser, you will be tasked with working with the architectural features of smaller and larger stores and advertising spaces to maximize the visual merchandising impact and using CAD together with props, hardware, lighting, and fabric to design your creation. 

  1. Architect

An exciting, incredibly rewarding, and simultaneously challenging career pathway utilizing your creative flair for design and organization is that of an architect.

Typical roles and responsibilities of an architect include the following:

  • Assessing the impact of their work on the environment
  • The use of CAD and IT in project management
  • The preparation of presentations and tender applications
  • Discussing and agreeing the requirements, ideas, and objectives of the plan
  • Consulting with other design professionals 
  • The production of detailed specifications and drawings
  • The preparation and presentation of design proposals and feasibility reports

As you would expect, to become a professional architect, you will be required to acquire a university degree in the subject successfully. 

  1. Estate Manager

An enthralling career pathway that combines a love for history and the natural world with a passion for creativity and art is that of an estate manager. The role of an estate manager involves, naturally, the management of the estate and members of staff within it, fostering an entirely collaborative approach to working, organizing maintenance projects and repairs, and planning, commissioning, and management of contract work. 

  1. Graphic Designer

The fifth and final professional career pathway most suited to an individual with a natural talent for creativity and design is that of a graphic designer. 

Graphic designer work amongst a variety of different mediums and create aesthetically impressive visuals for everything from computer games, websites, and corporate communications to books, posters, magazines, and product packaging; it is something that any artist would love to do as their career. You don’t always need to have a degree in art, but a strong portfolio of your work is a good idea, and many graphic designers work as freelance on a contract basis.