April 14, 2024

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Women in Films for You: The Rise

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The diversity of political women becomes visible and tangible in their different stories. We have made a diverse selection of films and books for you.

The stories of politicians, activists and pioneers are diverse and just as multi-facetted, then and now. Often, they are stories of bipartisan solidarity. As early as 1849, women’s rights activist Louise Otto-Peters called on her fellow combatants: “Well, my sisters, unite with me”. With free movies online you can watch the best films on it.

Browse through our small jubilee media library and be inspired and inspired by moving, controversial and brand-new stories of political women.

Feature films

Women’s suffrage

The divine order (Petra Biondina Volpe, 2017)

  • Humorous film about the introduction of women’s suffrage in Switzerland in 1971.

Suffragette – deeds instead of words (Sarah Gavron, 2015)

  • Historical drama about the sacrifices British workers had to make in 1912 in the struggle for electoral rights and equality

Women in politics

The Invention of Truth (John Madden, 2016)

  • Polite thriller with Jessica Chastain as a lobbyist in Washington DC

Jackie (Pablo Larrain, 2016)

  • The film portrait with Natalie Portman shows how much Jacqueline Kennedy has influenced the legacy of JFK as well as today’s politics with her productions.

Great moment of her life (Erica von Moeller, 2014)

  • When Article 3 brought equal rights: Iris Berben plays Elisabeth Selbert.

The Iron Lady (Phyllida Lloys, 2011)

  • Meryl Streep plays Maggie Thatcher.

Silent films

Anna Müller-Lincke candidate (Werner Sinn, 1919)

Candidate in Anna Müller-Lincke, the actress appears as a campaigning women’s rights activist. The film promotes the active participation of women in the election to the National Assembly in January 1919.

The Sufragette: The Mimetic Drama (Urban Gad, 1913)

The film starring Asta Nielsen was screened at the conference 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage – Struggle, Context, Impact of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt.


The freedom struggles of women (Sabine Jainski, 2018)

To mark the centenary of the introduction of women’s suffrage in Germany and Austria in 1918, the documentary presents women’s current struggle for freedom.

Half of the world belongs to us (Annette Baumeister 2018)

A two-part documentary drama unfolds the story of the struggle for women’s suffrage in Europe.

She’s beautiful when she’s angry (Mary Dore, 2014)

A documentary about the women’s movement in the 1960s.


  • “100 years of women’s suffrage – goals achieved and further?” (Rebecca Beerheide and Isabel Rohner, 2017)
  • The authors have managed to strike a historic course: from the events that led to the achievement of women’s suffrage in Germany to the relevance of this fight for equal rights today.

“Vote for Victoria!” (Antje Schrupp, 2016)

The biography “Vote for Victoria!” By Antje Schrupp describes the dazzling life and political commitment of the first (and often forgotten) presidential candidate of the United States: Victoria Woodhull.

Flatland movie drama, 2019

South Africa. After Natalie’s (Nicole Fortuin) wedding night ends with a rape and a pistol shot, the young woman on the side of her pregnant girlfriend Poppie (Izel Bezuidenhout) embarks on a flight across the country. The goal: out of the sadness, off in the hopeful Johannesburg. As the policewoman Beauty Cuba (Faith Baloyi) clings to the heels of the two, begins an absurd random walk.