April 12, 2024

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Wikigains Shows 5 Benefits Of Using Coupons As Your Main Marketing Strategy

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If you run an online business, you need to constantly upgrade and look for ways to boost the conversion rates. According to Wikigains, one of the UK’s most established voucher sites, the two biggest challenges are to constantly attract new customers and retain existing ones. Thus, you need to raise your visibility so that more prospective customers get to know about your business. You also need to remind old customers to return to your website and purchase again.

Alex from Wikigains believes that issuing coupons is a great way to attract new customers and retain old ones. In this article, he shows the 5 benefits of using coupons as your main marketing strategy:

Coupons help in driving more traffic to your ecommerce store

Online coupons are a great way to reach out of a larger audience and attract more shoppers. A study shows that nearly 85% of the shoppers look for a discount coupon at the time of check out. Retailers can benefit from promoting coupons on online forums, review sites and coupon networks. This can be an effective tool to attract a large pool of web traffic.

Discount Coupons can attract prospective customers to your business

Coupons can help attract prospective customers to business and result in more conversions. More than 80% of online consumers prefer buying from brands that offer some type of promotion. You may use welcome coupons to attract new customers and encourage them to buy a specific amount to redeem coupon. Once the first purchase is made, you can send out coupons via email or text message to remind them to visit again.  

Vouchers can amplify your brand awareness

Whether you are new and striving to pierce through competition or an old business wanting to maintain your position, coupon can help both. When you offer coupons, customers immediately take notice of your brand and this adds to your brand value.  Most customers agree that they feel tempted to visit a website if the brand offered a coupon. You can also increase brand awareness by promoting your coupons on review and voucher sites.

Promotional Coupons encourages customers to think positively about a brand

Wikigains says over 50% of consumers will feel happy and think positively about a brand when they receive a coupon. More than 90% of old customers will remember a brand when they are offered a coupon in email or via text messages. Adding a coupon strategy to you marketing campaign can be a great way to boost the recall value of your brand.

Coupons take the stress out of introducing new products

For any business, introducing new products and convincing customers to try them is a stressful job. You can simplify this by offering attractive discounts on new products. As per Wikigains, over 80% customers will readily want to try new products if they are offered discount coupons.