May 22, 2024

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Wide array of binding products for documents

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There are many ways of binding documents with each type of binding having its own application and style. It is up to you to select the best type of document binding according to the type of document and your requirements. It is very beneficial if you get access to a huge variety of document binders at a single location. Southwest Bindings is an online store where you get instant access to a plethora of document binders at the click of a button. Southwest Bindings: Coil Bindings, comb bindings, fastback tape bindings and other kinds of bindings are available for sale.

Plastic coil bindings

If you want to go for spiral binding, the plastic coil bindings are suitable choices. Southwest Bindings: Coil Bindings are present in sizes ranging between 6mm to 50mm. Pitch standard of 4:1 is common for all the plastic coil bindings irrespective of size. Sheet capacities range between as low as 25 sheets to as high as 375 sheets. The plastic coil bindings are also available in a multitude of colours such as black, blue, forest green, white and red.

Plastic comb bindings

19 and 24 ring plastic comb bindings are available in the online store. Comb binding enable the pages to be laid flat on the table easily which makes them suitable for editing. The plastic comb bindings are available in sizes ranging from ¼ inches to 2 inches. The plastic comb bindings can also be customised as per requirements. The sheet capacities of the plastic comb bindings range between 20 and 400 sheets. A lot of colour options are also available before the customers such as navy blue, gold, black, maroon, green, grey, red and green.

Fastback tape bindings

The fastback tape bindings are used to bind books without removing the cover. Fastback tape bindings have a card back cover and a clear plastic front cover. The strips for fastback tape binding are available in sizes ranging between 8 ½ inch and 14 inches. The page capacity is between 3 and 350 pages. They also come in varied colours such as black, maroon, dark blue, red, yellow, jade green, dark brown and many other colour shades.

Wire-O bindings

Wire-O binding enables complete 360 degree movement of the pages which help in reading. This kind of binding prevents tampering of the pages. The bindings are available in 2:1 and 3:1 pitch. Pitch is the number of holes per inch. They are available in various styles such as pre-cut, spool and calendar hanger styles.