April 19, 2024

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Why do you need a skip for construction work?

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Whether you’re a builder looking for somewhere to store construction waste or a landlord clearing your property in Preston – ready for new tenants, your project will inevitably produce immense volumes of waste. But rest assured, Lostock Skips have the perfect solution.

The team at Lostock Skips are experts when it comes to skip hire Preston and supply skips for projects of all scales. They ensure debris and refuse is handled correctly.

4 reasons why you should hire a skip for your upcoming construction project:

  1. Speed

If you, like most people, want to clear your property as quickly as possible so you don’t have to look out to a pile of rubbish, look no further than skip hire Preston.

Lostock Skips can help you to remove waste quickly and easily – completing your project faster and restoring normal function.

  1. Safety

Domestic skips are great for holding waste in one place reliably and allow you to keep the area tidy and presentable – both for you and any visitors to your site.

Skip hire Preston will also eliminate the risk of health and safety hazards as you have the option to remove dangerous materials as of and when you need to.

  1. Efficiency

The cost of skip hire in Preston will vary from the price of skip hire in Bolton or Chorley, however, Lostock Skips can save you time, effort and money, allowing you to benefit from an all-round, efficient service.

To save you the hassle of transporting waste from your construction project to the local tip yourself, Lostock Skips arrange delivery around what works best for you and transport skips on the back of reliable fleets. As soon as you’re ready for the skip to be collected, call 01204 698 153 and they will schedule a time to collect it.

  1. Expertise

Lostock Skips can help you to remove waste as soon as it’s generated and do the arduous work for you – taking care of delivery, collection and disposal.

Leaving your skip hire in Preston to the professionals will give you the peace of mind that stringent regulations are adhered to, allowing you to stay clear of expensive fines and additional charges.

Get in touch

If you need to know more about skip hire in Preston, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Lostock Skips on 01204 698 153. They are always on hand to help and can guide and advise you in choosing the most suitable skip for your construction project.