May 22, 2024

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Which business apps will give you the boost you need?

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Apps have a powerful impact on our daily life. What was once a completely unknown term has now permeated every aspect of American life. At first, apps were primarily targeted at consumers, but now business apps have become an influential part of the marketplace. Business apps make life easier for small businesses and corporations throughout the United States. 2016 featured several exciting business apps that changed the world for the better. Here are some of the top business apps of 2016.


Payroll and accounting are an incredibly frustrating for small business owners throughout the world. Gusto aims to simplify this procedure. The app streamlines your payroll, benefits, and taxes. The app automatically reports new hires to the government and makes all tax filings a breeze. The app even automatically deducts for benefits and workers’ compensation payments, while sending digital pay stubs to employees. Gusto makes managing your business an absolute breeze.Image result for Which business apps will give you the boost you need?


Communication is a vital part of any business. If you cannot properly communicate with employees and potential clients, then your business will inevitably fail. There have been countless new technologies and software products aimed at the business community, but 2016 brought some brilliant additions. Fuze is an amazing new communication app. This app makes it easy to set up a video conference or meeting. The app works on all devices and operating systems, and the are constantly updating the app for new devices. Recently, Fuze rolled out new versions for tablets and for Samsung Galaxy devices. The video quality is incredible and the audio is crisp. Fuze offers custom pricing based on business size, and it is extremely affordable. The Fuze app will continue to change the way businesses communicate, and businesses should strongly consider checking the app out.


Time management is a major struggle for businesspeople throughout the United States. You want to capitalize on the time you have, but doing so is extremely difficult. Having access to a powerful time management app. Within the app, one can store several lists, allowing the user to stay on task throughout the day. Clear works off of gesture controls, so it is easy to open and close lists as needed throughout the day. Clear can even sync lists between your phone and your desktop, ensuring that you stay focused all day. The app is currently available on desktops and on iOS devices. It will cost you $5 on iOS and an additional $10 on desktops, but the efficiency gains will make it well worth the cost.


Much of every business day is lost to Facebook, Reddit, and other time wasting sites. Because you spend most of your day on the computer keeping up with the time you spend on each page is almost impossible. RescueTime is an exciting new app that hopes to give users insight into their daily computer habits. The app tracks the time you spend on websites and applications and sends you detailed reports on your habits. The app works on Mac, PC, Linux, and Android. By using this app, you can find ways to become a more efficient worker. The trial version of the app is completely free, but the premium version will cost you $72 a year. You definitely should try RescueTime if you want to improve your efficiency.


Traveling for business is a major headache. You are dragged out of your element and forced to spend days in an unfamiliar hotel. The worst part of traveling for work is keeping track of expenses. You want to get reimbursed for your costs, but knowing which costs count is difficult. Expensify makes keeping up with expenses much easier. You link your credit and debit cards to Expensify and the app automatically tracks your expenses. For cash expenses, Expensify allows the user to take pictures of their receipts. Expensify makes producing an expense report easy. The app is inexpensive. It costs $5 a month for team users and $10 a month for corporate users. If your company is large, then you may receive custom pricing. The app works well on every mobile platform and could make tax season easy for your whole company.


Hiring is incredibly frustrating, especially for a small company. Prove makes the hiring process simple and organized. Proven lets you post on multiple job sites at the same time. It makes sorting through responses a breeze, and many users get through several applications in just a few minutes. Within the app, you can categorize your candidates into yes, no, and maybe categories. Proven has become incredibly popular, with more than 1,000 businesses using the platform. If your business has a sporadic hiring needs, then this platform is ideal for you. Proven costs $40 to $60 for every job listing posted, but the app gets results. You can quickly get your applications on every job posting board in the country, so you will find the best possible candidates. Proven will make your candidate search a breeze.

Running a business is difficult, but having the right tools can make it a little easier. Check these apps to get the boost you need. If your business needs a financial boost, then you definitely should check out an auto title loan online. The right title loan can give your company the boost it needs.