May 22, 2024

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What Do You Need To Know About Cell Tower Leasing in Whitecourt?

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When it comes to discussing light towers or cell towers in Whitecourt, there are plenty of different aspects that should be considered. If a property is examined to be suitable for a cell tower, the next step will be the engagement of the property through a site acquisition agent. The agent will generally have a low-ball starting lease rate in mind as they contact a property owner. You might be wondering what factors that representative uses to determine a lease rate for your property.

The primary factor that the agent would consider is what similar property owners have already agreed to. Site acquisition agents are generally local, as they have extensive experience and knowledge about the area or regions where they are appointed to acquire a new cell tower location. They get incentives when they are able to get the best deal for the tower company.

An experienced and skilled site acquisition agent would have already inspected the area and picked the sites that best match the cell tower location requirements of the wireless carrier or tower company. These requirements may include area, space needed and other important details.

A good site acquisition agent will know whether or not a property chosen will comply with local zoning regulations, and other requirements, and whether or not the site will be advantageous in terms of cost.

With that said, the agents will not provide you the information that they have collected. This is because they work for the tower companies and you should keep that in mind. So, as a property owner, you should know the following aspects:

There are certain things you should look for in a cell phone tower lease. It is important for you to know the fact that a properly drafted cell tower lease must be able to protect your ground space rights, and address subletting problems that many cell site owners tend to ignore. It should also contain tax language to safeguard you against assessments. Moreover, it is important to develop the site to allow for expansion or collocation that will increase the revenues of the tower.

Another thing you may want to know about is how long your cell tower lease will be good for. When you sign a lease for the cell tower, the lease term will be valid for the first 5 years, with two renewal terms in most cases, and an additional 10-year term after that.

A cell tower lease is a very complicated and specialized contract that is often heavily in favour of the cellular company. Therefore, it is important to have the assistance of a reputable and highly experienced attorney with you. Finding the right lawyer can be a tricky experience given the number of options available out there. Get recommendations and suggestions from people who have already had similar experiences. They will be able to give you the right piece of advice that will help you make an informed decision. With that said, these guidelines should be kept in mind whenever you are looking to lease your property for light towers or cell towers in Whitecourt.