April 19, 2024

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Understanding CNC Machining

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Closeup of generic CNC drill equipment. 3D illustration.

Machinery evolved around ages and with time it was seen to reduce the human effort to effectively carry out tasks that humans would have otherwise taken longer without them. Soon the evolution started with involving computerisation to make numerical control machines or CNC. Here is understanding more about them.

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What Is It?

CNC machining, in the simplest terms, is controlled by computerised numerical programs to build other machined parts. These machines are built with cutting tools to the closest proximity of the block that needs machining and moves along on five axes. These rotational axes provide more robust technology to craft angles and complex parts out of metal blocks. The precision obtained with CNC machining is unmatched and hence almost every industry is adopting these means.

What are the Advantages?

  • Unimaginable accuracy & precision- This technique can provide equal precision to every part, however simple or complex it might be. The rotatory axes reduce the chances of errors in the machining process and offer better craftsmanship than any other processes.
  • Easier machining- The three axes machining systems too cannot deliver the quality that is desired despite being used by skilled technicians. To get the additional hold on the parts, extra setups and castings are required that are received from these five axes.
  • No setup change required- Three axes machining require you to change the setup to get the additional precision. But the five axes systems can provide you with the desired results without having to alter anything.
  • Decreased collisions- There are almost no collisions in this case. The tilting mechanism present here does not call for any added abrasion between the block and the cutting tool.
  • Lesser lead time- Efficiency is the prime achievement in CNC machining because the lead time is the least here. With almost no manual fixtures, results are readily available.

When to Use It?

  • Machining complicated shapes- These are something hard to achieve and require a lot of added setup but CNC machining can carve them quite easily.
  • Machining tilted surfaces- The five axes setup is perfect to carve tilted surfaces which otherwise is quite a tedious task.
  • Machining specific angles- Unusual shapes and sizes are hard to carve but not anymore with CNC machining that specialises on précising the angles.

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