April 14, 2024

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Top 5 Coil Tubing Companies in the USA

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Coiled tubing is a long metal tube with required length and diameter usually varying between 25 to 83mm. its main use would for interventions in oil and gas wells. Coiled tubing is often used to carry out operations similar to wire lining. Of course, there are various firms and companies in the industry providing services with respect to the tubing on a global scale. But let us now look at the top 5 Coil Tubing companies in the USA: – 

BG Steel Supply

One of the leading suppliers in the coiled tubing industry that is based in Houston. They provide tubular and flat steel products that can be used in various industries across the globe. The company specializes in Coiled Tubing, Standard Pipe, Line Pipe, OCTG products. It was eventually expanded its services globally. They aim at delivering the products and services on time with the maximum efficiency possible. BG Steel sources from reputable mills which guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices, leading them to the top of their industry.

Big Red Engineering LLC

Association of international oil and gas exports. They have 85 years of experience in the field. They have a skilled team that is experienced in engineering, asset integrity, construction, manufacturing, processing, well services, production optimization, chemical applications. They consider their customers to be their biggest asset. Therefore, they make sure their customers are fully satisfied with their service. The products are tailored according to the clients’ needs to provide them with a high-quality consumer experience.

Bhavya Technologies LLC

Also known as BTechSoft is an independent engineering software development company. They specialize in providing the petroleum industry with a premium software solution. The cost-effective designs of the software help in the strategic planning and execution of applications in the oil and gas industry. It ensures the continuous development of all its software.

Evolution Oil Tools, Inc.

They offer a wide range of Oil and Gas tools in 5 different groups, Flow Control, Artificial Lifts Systems, Packers/Completion, and Coiled Tubing Systems. They use the latest designing and engineering technologies with logic support. They keep searching for a room for improvement by improved communication with the customer. They try to ensure that their products are reliable, durable and safe to operate.


A fabrication and engineering company. In 1948 the product lines of Foremost were under the name of Universal Industries. For about 50 years, the firm has been able to provide innovative solutions to the resource industry. It follows a customer-centric approach. It is also committed to providing reliable services to its customers.

The above are among the leading coiled tubing firms based in the United States of America. The capability to model jobs and design well-specific plans to ensure customers’ goals are met is a characteristic quality most clients look for in the companies. This includes designing custom coiled tubing strings and chemical mixtures to extend reach far beyond the limits of competitors’ offerings.