June 14, 2024

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Things to Remember When Painting a Commercial Building

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Are you about to paint your commercial building? When painting a commercial building, you have a lot of decisions to make. Not only do you need to decide on the type of paint you’re going to use, but you also need to decide on the color.

Painting a commercial building is different from painting a residential property; there are a lot of additional factors to consider. Here are a few tips.

Stick to Neutral Tones

Though there are always exceptions to this rule, in general it’s usually better to stick to neutral tones when you’re painting a commercial building. Commercial buildings tend to be quite large, so a bolder or more vibrant tone can be distracting. With a commercial building, you’re also seeking mainstream appeal — something that can’t be done if you’re using an unnatural color.Image result for Things to Remember When Painting a Commercial Building

Neutral tones don’t mean that your building can’t stick out. There are many unique shades that you can choose from that will still fit into the building’s surroundings and provide a nice contrast. If you’re trying to set your building apart from the others, you can choose bolder accent paints rather than painting the base an unusual shade.

Consider the Building’s Architecture

The architecture of your building can have an impact on the type of paint and the paint color that you use. As an example, your building may or may not have trim. A building that has trim will need two separate colors chosen in order to make the building really pop, so it’s something that you’ll need to consider when developing your color palette.

Commercial properties may also be out of different materials from a standard residential home, using metals and concrete. These surfaces can require different types of paint and may look better with certain shades. Finally, the style of building also matters.

Highly corporate, modern buildings generally look better with clean, vibrant colors, while more traditional buildings may look better in neutral colors and pastels.

Don’t Forget About the Environment

A deep green building may seem like a great idea — unless the surrounding structures are also dark. The environment of your building will have a significant impact on how its colors are perceived. Light colors in dark environments and vice versa will provide a sharp contrast and help your building stand out.

It’s very easy to see color swatches and imagine that they will look right without being able to properly visualize the color in the setting and on the building itself. You should always bring the swatches to the area to look at them in the right lighting.

And it isn’t just about standing out; sometimes it’s about fitting in. Often, you do want to consider matching your building with the other buildings in the area. This helps give a more cohesive picture of the neighborhood (and avoids irritating the other commercial spaces).

Because painting a commercial building is both a more expensive and lengthier pro犀利士
cess than a residential building, it’s in the best interest of most companies to hire a professional.

Not only will a professional contractor be able to get the job done faster, but they will also be able to advise you on the right colors and shades to use for your property and your area.