April 19, 2024

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The way to change vat registration details in UAE

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In order to change the details of the business while you are applying for VAT registration, you must first notify the Federal Tax Authority about all the changes. This is because FTA will amend all the details of the registration for you.

In the event that you do not amend the registration details due to one reason or the other, you would be panelized and will attract fines as well. so, be very clear about adding the details of VAT registration in UAE from the start, you can click here to get more information about vat registration in UAE.

Modification of VAT registration details

The taxpayers in the UAE can modify their registration details whenever they want. For this purpose, they would need to login through their FTA website portal.

It is to be noted here that all the details on the portal cannot be modified. There are certain sections that are blocked and can’t be modified. So, you better be careful about them as you cannot change those and you can get expert help like Farahat & Co for the step by step registration on VAT.

Here are the details that can be modified from the FTA’s portal of the taxpayer;

Business activities

The business activities of the applicant can be modified as they are considered to be the primary activities.  As there are chances that the businesses would move from one business activity to another, the modification is allowed in this category.

GCC activities

Businesses that are registered under GCC countries can only modify the following fields;

  • Name of the GCC state
  • TRN
  • Imports estimated value
  • Exports estimated value

Registration information of customs

You will find different fields in this section. The ones that can be modified are as follows;

  • Emirates where you are having the customs registration
  • The registration number for customs
  • Scanned copies uploading that is issued by the department of customs

Process of modifying the details

If you want to make any changes upon the approval of your registration, you must first click the button “EDIT”. You will clearly find this button on the dashboard.

A number of sections will appear on the screen after you hit the button “EDIT”. the details you had entered earlier will get auto-populated on the screen.

You should then move on towards finding the sections where you want to make amendments.

After adding the relevant fields, you are supposed to click the button “SAVE”. After you are done with saying everything and going through it thoroughly again, you should ten “SUBMIT” the changes.

In case you are not done with making the modifications, you can also click on “CANCEL”. This will take you back and you will be able to make the modifications left. Furthermore, if you click on the “SUBMIT CHANGES”, your amendments will get populated automatically.

It is to be noted here that for such amendments, the approval of FTA is not required. So, you will not see a message appearing on the screen after you push the “SUBMIT CHANGES” button.

If there is something else you want to modify, you won’t be able to do it online this is because you would be blocked from doing so. only the aforementioned sections can be edited and no more. So, you would have to go through a different procedure in order to modify the sections after VAT registration in UAE.