April 14, 2024

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The Keys To Great Social Media Reporting

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are more than just online social spaces for entrepreneurs and corporations. These platforms could make or break their stand in the industry they are in as social media could effectively be used as a marketing platform as well. Marketing on these platforms is not as simple as posting a photo or a video; it’s also about understanding the psyche of the users engaging with a company as well.

To fully understand the impact and effectiveness of a campaign, companies will need to do social media reporting. In essence, this is a run-down of the crucial numbers that were the outcome of a particular marketing campaign. This gives everyone else in the company a glimpse of analytics values such as engagement, page likes, page views, and more, in an orderly and understandable manner.

Understandably, reporting has always been a tiring task to do. As bothersome as it may be, social media reporting will be essential in assessing a company’s reputation and popularity against the competition online. To make the job less of a stress, here are some guidelines that companies should at least abide by.

Determine The Frequency Of Reports

First and foremost, companies should start their social media reporting by figuring out the frequency of their reports. Reports could be done weekly, monthly and even daily. This is important as scheduling the frequency of reports will give companies a better look at the rate their social media visibility is growing. Of course, this will also promote a more organized and systematic manner of reports as well.

Know What The Reporting Audience Needs

These reports will be presented in front of key people that will assess the next steps that need to be taken to help with the company’s foray into social media marketing. That being said, it is essential for the reporters to understand what their reporting audience wants to see as it would be a waste of time and resources to show them data that they have no use for.

By providing them the data they need, they can immediately begin planning out the next step in the social media marketing campaign. They’ll also be able to create more effective plans are their sights are focused on what’s important and on what areas need improvement on.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Visuals

Reporting is already hard to sit through as it is. One way to keep the attention of the reporting audience is by using visuals such as charts and graphs. Aside from keeping things interesting enough, these visual aids will also help them understand the figures easier.

Use Trusted Social Media Analytics Solutions

The data used in reports will mostly come from social media analytics solutions. In some answers, reports are already a part of the package. Regardless of what features are included, companies should only rely on trusted brands such as NetBase. This is the one way they could guarantee that the data they gather is concise and accurate.

When it comes to determining the value of data generated from social media, NetBase is at the top of the chain. The solution offers high-end AI technology and amazing features to generate all the crucial data a company needs. NetBase prides itself on helping their clients understand their clients on a deeper level so that they can establish a certain amount of trust in the process.

Social media reporting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard. By following these guidelines above, companies will be capable of producing concise and compelling reports that will help the company develop new strategies moving forward.