June 14, 2024

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The Dynamics Of Corporate Communications

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Internal communication becomes indispensable especially when a company is preparing to experience an important change. For example, a merger between two entities is undoubtedly something significant. Among other things, it is interesting to also consider the timing of corporate communications.

In fact, a firm may decide to communicate via memos or call a staff meeting. The Fiat case helps individuals understand how much work and preparation is hidden behind a communication activity.

The memo is prepared in minute detail with great attention to aspects, such as tone of voice and style. The timing is chosen with care, the same applies to the objectives and the subject of the communication. It is an important communication to signal a turning point that can be defined as epochal.

In this case, the firm decided not to let two people take the field, but those who are the creators of that change. Corporate communications is, therefore, an important branch of corporate communication, with a role that is fundamental not only in cases where it is necessary to communicate changes but also in everyday life, to encourage the sharing and participation of employees.

Integrated communication

The advertising communication agency identifies itself as integrated when it is organized through an internal work team with strong creative and organizational qualities, which makes it possible to bring together the communication needs of the Client company in concrete and effective solutions.

Logically, there is a functional organizational model where many agencies try to inspire themselves, but often the differences between one communication agency and another are noteworthy as each is established through a different core business.

So communication agencies that give a nod to the organization of events, others that are more stimulated by the construction of the Brand and its positioning, others still having in the team resources such as directors or cinematographers are more inclined to move towards the production of videos and commercials and concluding.

Others that are started as graphic agencies, which later became web agencies and which are projected through the creativity of the team towards integrated communication using the web as a powerful media vehicle.

An agency, like https://www.lifesciadvisors.com contains all the advertising organization and the various strategic communication phases, precisely, integrated as it integrates experience, consultancy and project execution.

Therefore, the quality of the agency is represented by the completeness of the team of professionals within it necessary to carry out all the phases of creative and design work. Naturally, the entire executive part related to: printers, journalists, video, TV, media and radio commercials is saved.

Another fundamental factor is the direct involvement of management in the management of customers and in the organization of operations, often an advertising agency tends to delegate to internal or external collaborators the work of direction of the works.

This aspect turns to not find quality in the services provided because organized and directed by people outside the real management of the agency. If you choose an agency from their success stories, it is important to ensure the management’s operability in your communication project.

But what is the real difference between advertising agency and communication agency? The advertising agency has always been involved in activities, such as above-the-line advertising, in essence oriented towards classic media such as: television, radio, print, maxi roadside posters and cinema.

The integrated corporate communications agency represents something more, being able to also conceive, organize and manage corporate and private events, guerrilla marketing activities (increasingly its use in communication), Digital PR agency (public relations), act as press office, develop websites and much more.

The communication agency also pays attention to web 2.0 communication and is identified as an optimal solution if projects that link the offline with the online.