April 14, 2024

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The Best Writing Options You Need Now

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The point is of course that there are some basic content criteria that need to be mentioned, but basically it is up to you to decide what you are talking about (of course in the thesis). It’s best to write down what you want to say and practice it so much that when you present it, you no longer need your note. Be sure to read the thesis at least once before the defense, as well as the text of the defense, to make sure you does not miss any content. The use of essay writing services reviews happens to be there now.

Treatment of nervousness

You must be nervous before the defense. It will work on your adrenaline, it will sweat your palm, you will have stomach ache and you will feel the need to constantly run out to the bathroom. This is completely natural. The wait is the worst. You’re waiting outside the hall, you’re coming soon, and you can’t do what you’re doing, you’re just nervous. At that point, you would most likely want to come into the room and give your presentation.

But if you really do follow, you will see that you suddenly overcome fears and excitement. Be confident and act naturally. You probably won’t be able to avoid this phase with tricks and tricks, so you’d rather be calm in the room anyway.


One of the most striking signs of nervousness, its side effect is the very fast speech rate, the banter, and you want to show how much you know about your subject in as little time as possible. Take it easy. Slow. Take a deep breath and focus on the basic question you really want to talk about. If you answered the question, then keep silent, don’t explain, or talk unnecessarily.

The examiner expects you to be nervous

The examiner expects you to be excited. And will probably help you if needed. If necessary, you can ask him to repeat his question, and it is no problem if you ask for some time to answer the question or if you want to drink a sip of water.


The content of the dissertation will determine the success or failure. A well-done essay, a nervous lecture cannot really spoil. In fact, once you submit your thesis, you can’t change much about the result. Before the defense, read the paper again, prepare for the questions, practice it thoroughly. That’s all you can do at this stage.

Answer a question

You may have to look for an answer to a predefined question. (In this case, you can skip this paragraph.) If, on the other hand, you have a whole set of questions to choose from or you have to write your own question, don’t miss it.