May 22, 2024

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Talk About Rewards and Benefits to Get From Screwfix

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Screwfix is not just about business career options only. It would be granting its customers and clients with the excessive sum of rewards and benefits too. They do have the philosophy where they are providing their employees with the balanced and much a competitive reward package. In simple, they do have the main mission where they are saving for their bright future and then they are often enjoying the happy culture provision.

Now you would be thinking in mind that what sort of rewards and benefits does Screwfix provide to you. Scroll down to get a detailed information!

Behind the Details of Rewards and Benefits to Get Screwfix:

  1. Kingfisher Pension Scheme:

As the employees would be making their way into the joining of Kingfisher Pension scheme they can choose the amount of salary which they do desire to save out at the time of the pension fund. This company has been all settled with the generous level of contributions for the employees at all the stages. You can get more details about it straight away from our webpage.

  1. Life Cover:

In the category of the life cover, you will be able to get some sort of beneficiary into the receiving of lump sum payment. It has been all covered with the enhanced level of the coverage that is all given away to the members of the Kingfisher Pension scheme at 4 x annual salary

  1. Discounted Company Share Save Scheme:

As you will be becoming the part of Kingfisher Group, all the employees of the company will be getting the chance to be the part of company share schemes as well. Employees are invited to join the Share Save on an annual basis as by which they will be having the option to save towards the purchase of shares at a discounted price after 3 or 5 years. Plus, it would also be giving out the chance to the employees as for where they can join the incentive plan at any time. With this incentive, they would be having a complete freedom to buy shares from gross pay providing a tax efficient way of investing for the future.

  1. Discounts Offer:

In the timeline of the Discount offer by Screwfix, you can get the amazing 20% discount with Screwfix and B&Q. This is one such amazing offer which all the employees and clients of Screwfix can enjoy.

  1. Discounted health care with Simply Health:

On the last, we would mention about the discounted healthcare with the simple health benefits. By this healthcare offer, you would be able to meet up the complete cost of everyday healthcare benefits. You would be given a complete range of the complementary services mentioning with helpline and GP services. It does accompany the access to Simply Accident Plan that can cover you against injury and more.

So, if you have still not connected yourself with Screwfix then connect yourself now and get the amazing rewards and benefits by this company!