May 22, 2024

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Six reasons why you need a birth certificate in Oklahoma 

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We all know and understand the part that a birth certificate plays in our lives. In the olden days, getting a birth certificate could suddenly get strenuous and torturing, but with the new technology, one can obtain a birth certificate in less than 24 hours. Many of us actually do not know the importance of this document until you are older and you are done with your driving classes and have to process a driving license and alas! You are asked to produce this document. Here we are going to discuss a few instances when you will be required to have an Oklahoma birth certificate. They include:

  1. School registration. Almost, if not all states require that a child be admitted with a birth certificate which is used by the school to identify the child’s parents as well as the age. A birth certificate at this point acts as the child’s identification card.
  2. Signing in to sports. This is especially for children and young adults who indulge in sporting activities in different institutions, whether college, kindergarten or sports schools like karate, football and basketball school. This too is for identifying the child in that particular institution since young people do not possess identification cards. Birth certificates also help in determining the age of the child so as to group them accordingly to groups or teams when they play to avoid injuries by older kids. Adults in the sporting activities can sign up in sports using their identity cards.
  3. General identification. Some organizations such as banks, government institutions, insurance agencies, and even some companies may require an additional document of identification. This might surprise you, especially if have never come across such organization, but it is always important to be prepared in Oklahoma.
  4. Getting a driving license. This is quite common for all drivers. For your driving license to be processed, a birth certificate must be produced to prove the age especially the young people.
  5. Marriage. Most church marriages require a birth certificate as proof from both spouses before they can obtain a marriage certificate, which is a very important document too especially in relation to legal matters.
  6. Processing a traveling passport. A birth certificate is required in order to process your passport. This is mainly to proof that you are a citizen of Oklahoma and that you acquired that particular citizenship by birth.