June 14, 2024

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Should you or should you not Filed for Refund?

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When seeking the best physics answers from the tutors for your specific needs, you should provide the right descriptions to the tutors about how the questions should be answered. It would be pertinent that you should provide the right guidelines to the tutors for receiving the right answers to your specific questions. However, in event of their being any problem with the answers, you should look forward to filing for refund. The refund should become necessary to be filed for unsatisfactory answers.

However most students would be perplexed on when to file or not file for refund. Let us delve on the aspects to consider when to file for refund or when not to file for refund.

When to file for refund?

It would be pertinent to file for refund when the answer provided by the tutor is incorrect or the answer does not meet the specific requirements. In event of the answer not delivered by the stipulated time, you could ask for refund. In case, the answer contains poor grammar or the content is copied or plagiarized, you could ask for refund. These aspects would require you to ask for refund without the need to ask the tutor for reviewing the answers.

When not to file for refund?

There may be times, when you should not ask for refund of the money. It would be essential for you to understand the specific times when you should not file for refund. The most important aspect to consider not filing for refund would be when the answer meets the requisite criteria and has been delivered on time. It event of you pre-purchasing the answer that has been under the process of being written by the tutor, you would not be entitled to refund. The tutor is already working on the question and time limit not being expired in such a scenario would not entitle you for refund.