April 14, 2024

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Service With A Smile – Why A Serviced Office Can Improve Your Business’s Reputation

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Polish is the difference between an office that is esteemed and one that has to prove they are a bonafide business. Simple things like wearing the appropriate business attire to address senior management appropriately cannot only set the tone for business but they also garner trust for you. Moreover, Malaysian business culture is predicated on establishing trusting relationships, so image is important.

There are a million ways to establish trust, primarily through building relationships, but image is also a very important part of establishing both trust and credibility in the community. One way to establish this type of credibility is through your office space, but in places where premium space is expensive, budgeting your business into less accommodating space might not work. Your serviced office, however, can help establish credibility, and more importantly, your reputation in the Malaysian community.

Continue reading to learn more about the ways in which the serviced office can improve your business’s reputation.

Premium Locations

In Kuala Lumpur and other major cities in the country, the closer you get to the business centres the rents skyrocket. In addition to high rents, businesses have to supply utilities and office support for the space, which can make funding office space nearly impossible. Your serviced office in Kuala Lumpur and other cities places you in the business centres and can do so at an affordable price, a drastically reduced price in some cases. Take a look at Servcorp’s serviced offices in Kuala Lumpur by clicking on following the link at http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/serviced-offices/ to see some of their locations.

As you can see, these offices are situated in some of the best locations in and around the city. With an office in such an affluent area, your clients will get the sense that your business is both professional and serious about business. While it seems superficial, an address in the right location can open doors for your business.

Office Support

One of the central characteristics of a well-established business is the type of support the office has. The serviced office provider not only provides your business with some of the finest furnishings in corporate-designed interiors, but the office also staffs the building with the appropriate office support. In many cases, support staff, which can include receptionists and IT technicians, can really make the logistics of a business office run smoothly. Receptionists can answer and forward any calls, in addition to other tasks, and your IT techs are available to answer any computer-related problems that might come up during the workday.

Office Amenities

While the home office and the café are cheaper alternatives to renting office space, they are hardly places conducive to giving presentations. However, the serviced office can provide your business with meeting space that has the requisite technologies needed for business. Smart technologies that allow you to project images and sound while accessing the internet can make any presentation run smoothly. Finally, these rooms usually come fitted out with video-conferencing technologies that will allow you to communicate with people in other locations. The serviced office can, in one monthly payment, provide your office with a number of amenities that really cannot be skimped on without making the space look unprofessional.

Appearances Do Matter

Your office is the first space your client encounters before deciding to work with your business. An office that is well-maintained and that has a routine supported by staff is one that reflects the care and consideration that is essential as a part of business. Technologies and furnishings are an added extra that makes the workspace a credible one and can be a part of establishing your reputation in the business community.